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Necessity of a Board Certified Accident Lawyer, Our Top 5 List!

For Personal Injury lawyers, Board Certification is a mark of excellence in a professional career. Patients would never trust a doctor who lacks Board Certification with their care. The same should be said for legal representation. Victims should turn to Board Certified lawyers when it comes to who they trust with their livelihood post-accident. The problem is, many people aren’t aware that lawyers can even be Board Certified.

This lack of publicly available knowledge is unfathomable to the country’s top lawyers, specifically those who practice Personal Injury Law, because this very important distinction is what separates “paper pushers” from the true “case winners”, the successful accident lawyers. Lack of a Board Certification distinction can be what’s standing between clients and the maximum amount of financial compensation they deserve.

Whiplash After a Car Accident Can Lead to Longterm Pain if Left Untreated


Whiplash: The name doesn’t acutely convey at first glance what this painful and life-altering injury is actually hiding behind. When a victim suffers a car accident, truck accident, or motorcycle accident to name a few, whiplash is one of the most common but potentially most severe injuries. Yet, it is often dismissed as minor or infrequent while the reality of its longterm pain is overlooked or ignored altogether.

Strict Product Liability: When “Defective” is More Than Just “Doesn’t Work”

Occasionally when we buy something, no matter the flashy marketing made to sell the product or how many friends have also purchased the product with great results, we can still end up with something defective. In the worst-case scenario the product could even be dangerous, causing any number of injuries to the consumer. What happens when a consumer has been injured by the normal use of a defective or dangerous product?

Demonstrative Aids Are an Important Part of Successful Personal Injury Cases

When it comes to experience, many lawyers fall short in the area of knowing just how important Demonstrative Aids, also known as “visual proof” are throughout the legal process. During trial, Demonstrative Aids are invaluable in cases with invisible injuries such as TBI and concussions. When Personal Injury lawyers don’t feel they need to use visual proof to support their case, it means they may lack trial preparation experience and have not seen enough cases to (successful) verdict. This lack of attention to detail should be a red flag for a client to find another law firm.