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Traumatic Brain Injury and Accident Law – Part 2

The CDC estimates that 1.5 million people every year suffer traumatic brain injury (TBI) due to accident, injury, birth defect, or other less common causes. The legal aspect of brain injury statistics proves difficult for new, or inexperienced lawyers. It takes an experienced accident lawyer to take on a TBI case, one that has years of trying TBI cases to verdict with a very high success rate. ...

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Traumatic Brain Injury and Accident Law – Part 1


When a Traumatic Brain Injury occurs and the case moves to the legal phase, after the victim is medically stable, a Personal Injury lawyer will be entrusted with protecting their rights. In fact, Personal Injury lawyers see their clients during the worst, and most fragile time in their lives (TBI injuries have long recovery periods that may overlap with the legal side of the accident). ...

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