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What is an Accidental Drowning Case in Personal Injury?

swimming body of water drowning accident safety florida pool water

Who becomes liable after an accidental drowning? What steps can responsible adults take to prevent drowning accidents from occurring? Accidental drowning claims the lives of thousands of people every year. These accidents are preventable. With proper safety measures in place, the risk of accidental drowning accidents decreases exponentially. The devastation of thinking that something as enjoyable as a vacation, enjoying beautiful Florida weather, turning tragic in the event of a drowning accident. What causes Florida drowning accidents? Sometimes, the negligence of another causes an accidental drowning accident. Instances of accidental drownings include leaving children without supervision, or failing to install a pool alarm....

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What is Airline Liability?

Private jet plane in the blue sky

In the age of technology, we can book a plane to wherever we want to go in a few taps. The concern for most traveling today is finding an inexpensive fare before someone else snaps it up! Families with children looking for a break from screens and homework, reuniting with family members, and work travel all require air travel. Air travel for any reason is the most efficient, cost effective form of travel available today. What is airline liability? Airline liability results when injury, death, or property loss occurs as a result of negligence on the part of the airline itself, or...

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Travel Safety: What is Florida Hotel Liability?

Hotel liability. What comes to mind when this term arises? Never heard of it? Keep reading! In many parts of the country travel season is upon us. Although most in South Florida see our state as a year-round vacation. Aside from the heat, it's reaching the time of year when everyone has relaxation on their mind. School is winding down for the kids, and 90 degree temps will be the norm. Whether it's taking a trip Walt Disney World, or to any of Florida's beaches, we'll be staying in a hotel. It reduces stress to think of hotels as clean,...

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