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Strict Product Liability: When “Defective” is More Than Just “Doesn’t Work”

Occasionally when we buy something, no matter the flashy marketing made to sell the product or how many friends have also purchased the product with great results, we can still end up with something defective. In the worst-case scenario the product could even be dangerous, causing any number of injuries to the consumer. What happens when a consumer has been injured by the normal use of a defective or dangerous product?

Demonstrative Aids Are an Important Part of Successful Personal Injury Cases

When it comes to experience, many lawyers fall short in the area of knowing just how important Demonstrative Aids, also known as “visual proof” are throughout the legal process. During trial, Demonstrative Aids are invaluable in cases with invisible injuries such as TBI and concussions. When Personal Injury lawyers don’t feel they need to use visual proof to support their case, it means they may lack trial preparation experience and have not seen enough cases to (successful) verdict. This lack of attention to detail should be a red flag for a client to find another law firm.

For CRPS Diagnosed Patients, There’s New Information, Help, and Hope

A CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) diagnosis can be a relief to many people. Knowing that their pain is real, validated, and lending a name to everything they’ve felt possibly for years is a relief, mentally. Despite the relief a CRPS diagnosis may bring to a patient’s mental state temporarily, the toll chronic pain takes on the psyche of a patient is immeasurable. Living with CRPS, a disease dubbed “the suicide disease” due to its lack of proven symptom relief, is an endless nightmare of doctors, treatments, procedures, and tests that all lead down the same road: endless pain and suffering both physically and mentally for which there may never be a standard cure.

Neck and Spine Injuries After Car Accident: The Personal Injury Perspective

After a motor vehicle accident, victims are left with any number of injuries that span from head-to-toe. Strains, sprains, broken bones, bumps and bruises, dislocations, and whiplash injuries can all cause a victim widespread chronic pain. However, one of the most serious injuries sustained in a road-related accident is any impact to the head and neck area. Spinal Cord Injury and Traumatic Brain Injury can heavily impact the victim’s ability to live a full, independent life.