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Exploring Statute of Limitations in the State of Florida

In previous articles in the Attorney 101 series, we’ve explored Florida’s complex and oft-misunderstood laws surrounding various accidents ranging from motor vehicle and motorcycle accidents to medical malpractice and work-related injuries. The newest installment of the Attorney 101 blog series details another important topic: the statute of limitationsWhile we’ve discussed this topic in the context of specific accidents throughout 2018, we’ve yet to place emphasis on the statute of limitations in an article of its own. Thusly, the Law Resource Blog will now offer our readers an in-depth look specifically at the statute of limitations as it pertains to the practice of Personal Injury law.

Alternative Dispute Resolution: Mediation

Dating all the way back to Ancient Rome, lawsuits that take place in a civil court as well as civil trials are and always have been considered a standard method for resolving civil disputes; this includes Personal Injury claims. When the average person thinks of a legal case, they think “courtroom” and “judge”. There are downsides to going down a road that leads to trial. This is why it’s not always the first method of litigation utilized by top lawyers. Experienced lawyers have their client in mind, not getting into a courtroom when it’s unnecessary to do so. That’s when Mediation comes into play.

Settlements: What Should Accident Victims Expect?

After becoming involved in an accident such as a motorcycle accident, helicopter accident, or a collision due to the negligence of a truck driver who failed to appropriately operate the vehicle, victims who sustain serious injuries as a result could be entitled to compensation and damages–with the right legal experts on their side. This compensation can be obtained on behalf of a client through several methods of litigation, several of which we’ll explain in-depth in this article.

The most commonly used method of Alternative Dispute Resolution is that of mediation. During mediation, a board certified civil trial lawyer will use their years of experience in both the courtroom and in the office to reach an agreement with the opposing party on the amount of compensation that’s fair in regard to their client’s serious injuries. This agreement, and the compensation it provides, is known as a settlement.

Florida Has Specific Car Accident Laws Drivers Should Know – Part 3

In Florida, where roads and people are busy, traffic grinds to a halt on a daily basis, and the influx of new residents is climbing every week, accidents happen more frequently than we’d like. From head-on collisions with reckless drunk drivers to being sideswiped on the highway by that one driver who just couldn’t wait, hit-and-runs on a busy street and those minor fender benders in Publix parking lots after a long day at work. No matter the type of accident a driver is involved in or the severity, someone is at-fault. Fault, under the law, is called liability, and as a safe driver, it’s important to know the laws surrounding it while out on the road.