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How is Mental Anguish Affecting Accident Victims?

Shaked Law Firm article explores the legal side of mental anguish post accident with injuries, and answers frequently asked questions

Mental anguish is just as serious as physical injuries! When accident results in a physical injury to the victim, the first step to recovery is medical stabilization. Medically stabilizing the victim after a Florida auto accident, motorcycle accident, or other accident with physical injuries should be top priority. The medical side is the focus until the patient is well enough to transition home from the hospital. Once a victim is stable medically, it becomes easy to paint the picture of quality of life. However, this is a common mistake. What is the mental health side of a Personal Injury claim? Mental anguish...

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When Are Birth Injuries a Form of Medical Negligence?

Within this Shaked Law Firm article, we explain exactly why Medical Negligence resulting in birth injury causes lifelong harm to both mother and baby.

When it comes to medical negligence, it’s not always a surgical error or misdiagnosis. In fact, these only make up a small amount of Medical Malpractice claims. There are the some instances where a surgical tool is left inside the patient’s body. Other times, a surgeon performs a procedure they're not familiar with. While these result in serious bodily injury to the patient, they are uncommon. However, there are more frequently, cases where the victim is too young to fight for themselves. In birth injury cases, Medical Negligence is exponentially heinous. When a doctor and their staff fail to...

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Who Are Defense Doctors in a Personal Injury Case?

This Shaked Law Firm article provides facts necessary for those requiring an appointment with a defense doctor during their Florida Personal Injury case.

A victim’s rights post-accident should always favor the maximum amount of compensation under the law. The lengthy process of seeing a case to the end takes the biggest toll on the client. After so much pain and suffering, another medical examination can be extremely stressful. Clients at the "mercy of" defense hired doctors factors into a lot of post-accident mental anguish. This writeup will provide our readers with everything they need to know about reaching this point in their case. Shaked Law Firm's purpose for this article is to provide facts necessary for those requiring a visit with a defense...

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What is a Florida Distracted Driving Accident?

This Shaked Law Firm Blog article presents everything safe drivers need to know for the best distracted driving prevention practices.

In Florida, whether we're texting, playing with the radio, or asking Siri for a favor, driving distractions are everywhere. Scarily, driving in this manner is becoming "normal"! In reality, it's a safety hazard. In busy cities like Miami, it's more important than ever to keep our eyes on the road, not on the phone. Distracted driving is something that as Florida drivers, we can prevent by simply focusing on the road. In the event of an emergency, pulling over safely to the side of the road is our best option. In busy cities like Miami, it's more important than ever to...

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