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CRPS Has Been Linked to Medical Malpractice; Here’s Everything Those Diagnosed Must Know!

CRPS, or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, is what was formerly known as RSD. CRPS is a pain disorder and considered to be permanent, or as medical professionals often refer to it: “chronic”. There are several ways a person can develop Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. CRPS can be sustained through an obvious physical injury such as a surgical error (in cases of Medical Malpractice, to which CRPS-II has a direct link), or can be sustained in an accident such as a car or motorcycle crash. Regardless of how a person develops the condition, it’s considered to be one of the most excruciating, permanent diseases a person can suffer from.

When a Case Doesn’t Settle in Mediation, Here’s What’s Next

When it comes to choosing mediation to “argue” a Personal Injury related case, there are many solid reasons to go this route. The choice to use mediation (if it suits the particulars of the case) can speed up the legal process, provide a more concise handling of the case, and it’s known to be far more cost effective than preparing for trial (although the latter reason should not be the biggest factor when a victim’s right to justice is being put at stake). To better understand why a case may not settle as hoped for at mediation, it’s important to first understand the true purpose of mediation (we discussed this at length in Deposition, Mediation, Litigation: What Do They Mean For Your Case?).

Insurance Companies Are Not Your Friend, Here’s Why!

After an accident it’s important to remember that insurance companies are not your friend. No matter how nice their representatives may sound over the phone, or when they meet with accident victims face to face, this tactic is a falsehood. Insurance companies use smiling faces, glowing reviews, and savvy advertising to trick accident victims into thinking they’re on the same side. And victims should never fall for it!