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Diagnostic Imaging is an Important Tool After Any Accident, But Which One is Right?

Within the specialized practice of Personal Injury Law, lawyers see an endless list of injuries that affect clients and have caused them lifelong pain and suffering, drastically reducing their Quality of Life (“QoL”). From medical malpractice errors to car accident injuries, there’s never a specific injury that’s more or less painful than the next; it depends on the client and how each individual experiences pain. Each injury a client suffers due to an accident or medical negligence causes symptoms unique to the client. Clients are often bed or wheelchair bound, or have to use mobility aides such as a walker or crutches. To determine what’s best for the client’s recovery, diagnostic imaging is often the first tool utilized in a patient’s treatment plan. The extent of the injury needs to be determined before a plan of action is enacted for their care.

Car Accidents Cause Neck, Back, and Spine Injuries: Here’s What Victims Should Know!

After a car accident, victims sustain injuries from head to toe; due to the nature of motor vehicle accidents, and the back and forth motion caused when colliding with another car, neck and spine injuries are some of the most common (and most severe). Herniated disks, strains, and whiplash injuries can all cause a victim widespread chronic pain. In catastrophic accidents, broken vertebrae or Spinal Cord Injuries may occur on impact. Some of the most serious injuries sustained in a road-related accident are direct impacts to the head, neck, and spine. Spinal Cord Injury and Traumatic Brain Injury are the most severe and have permanent implications on the life of victims who sustain these injuries.

Followup: Employer Liability and Company Cars (New Information Employees Should Have on Hand)!

In 2018's "Employer Liability: When Accidents Happen in the Company Car" we looked at what goes into determining employer liability when it comes to company issued vehicles. In this thorough followup, we'll provide new information employees using business-owned vehicles should know in the event they find themselves injured on the clock. Workplace accidents happen to even the most responsible employees, what's most important is knowing how to proceed on both the medical and legal side when they do....

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DUI Accident Cases Pose Serious, Costly Civil Liability

It's important to understand that a DUI can happen to anyone, no matter how high they believe their tolerance to alcohol. When they let their guard down and act irresponsibly, assuming they won't get caught, or that they can't possibly hurt anyone after "just one drink", life threatening accidents happen. Drinking and driving is a risk no one should ever take....

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