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How Are Families Preventing Burn Injuries?

Within this article, Shaked Law Firm will explain the importance of adequate fire safety, education, and preventing burn injuries.

Preventing burn injuries is possible. Every year, fire takes thousands of lives. These deaths and injuries are needless, tragic, and preventable. Burn injuries force victims to endure endless surgeries, painful healing, and disfiguring scars. Whether these injuries occur as a result of explosion, house fire, or care fire, they have one thing in common. And, that is: burn injuries may be less likely with better knowledge of fire safety. Responsible parents always make time to teach children specifics of fire safety. Schools, as well, should be educating students of appropriate ages about the importance of fire safety. There are dozens of...

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Why Are Negligent Security Accidents Still on the Rise?

Floridians have come to expect businesses are taking necessary security measures. Shaked Law Firm explains Negligent Security, in-depth!

Negligent security accidents can be avoided! When we shop, work, or travel, we may not realize a property is under 24-hour surveillance. This discreet security measure isn't for us to see. And yet, we require the assurance it's there to protect us. As residents of some of the busiest cities in the United States, Floridians have come to expect businesses are taking necessary security measures. What happens after a negligent security accident? However, there are times when crime does occur and a person may sustain serious injuries in a shooting, or worse, they could lose their life. Who becomes liable when visitors to...

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What is Product Liability Pertaining to Personal Injury?

This Shaked Law Firm article covers Product Liability. We provide the information necessary to make a smart purchase as a credible consumer!

Product liability exists to protect consumers! Sometimes when we buy something, no matter the marketing or how many friends have and rave about the product, it's still defective. Not only is this disappointing, it can be dangerous. In the worst-case scenario the product is a safety hazard to minors and the elderly. Regardless of age, defective products cause a number of injuries to consumers. What happens when a person sustains injuries during the normal use of a defective product? This Shaked Law Resource article covers information necessary to make a smart purchase. What is Strict Product Liability law?What does product liability do for...

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