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What is Workplace Wrongful Death?

Workplace wrongful death is one of the most tragic things to happen to thousands of families every year. Loved ones head to work expecting to return home at the end of the day. Then tragedy strikes, and family members receive the call: “there’s been an accident”. Receiving this kind of phone call is the beginning of what will become an emotionally trying time for a grief stricken family....

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Why Do I Need a Board Certified Lawyer?

Board Certification is what separates "paper pushers" from the true "case winners". Shaked Law Firm explains the importance of a Board Certified lawyer!

For the most credible Personal Injury lawyers, Board Certification is a mark of excellence. It's not an option, it's a must. Patients would never trust a doctor lacking Board Certification with their care. The same goes for a Personal Injury lawyer. After all, this is a person who can make or break the chance for financial recovery after an accident. The problem is, many people aren't aware that lawyers can even be Board Certified. This lack of publicly available knowledge hurts clients who deserve justice. Board Certification is what separates "paper pushers" from the true "case winners". Within this Shaked Law Blog article...

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