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What is Dental Injury and Who is Liable?

What is Dental Injury and Dental Malpractice?

No one enjoys the dentist. Just thinking of a routine cleaning can send shivers down our spines. Even the best dentists in the country must work to establish safe and trustworthy practices. Patient comfort has become priority in recent years. Spa-like practice amenities aid every effort to achieve patient trust. Simply put, a dental visit is never something we want to do, but it's necessary for our health. So what happens when a universally unpleasant experience becomes a truly unsafe situation? What happens when dental injury occurs? Shaked Law Firm explains the extent of dental injury, Medical Negligence, and what...

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What is Civil Liability in Florida Drunk Driving Accidents?

This Shaked Law Firm article provides insight to an important, but overlooked part of Florida drunk driving accidents: civil liability.

After a Florida drunk driving accident with injuries, those responsible are liable for a victim's compensation! Many people don't know this, but after a drunk driving accident, victims can receive compensation. Many people believe the consequences are criminal charges upon the drunk party (defendant). However, civil liability is one of the most common consequences a defendant faces after their recklessness causes pain and suffering. It's important to retain a lawyer with Board Certification after a Florida drunk driving accident. That is, after stabilizing from any injuries on the medical side. Drunk driving accidents can happen to anyone. No matter the "tolerance"...

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Why is a Concussion Injury Dangerous?

The danger of a concussion injury is in the inability to see it! Shaked Law Firm explains why time is of the essence when dealing with any TBI.

The danger of a concussion injury is in the inability to see it! Time is always of the essence when dealing with any type of Traumatic Brain Injury. Never ignore a head injury simply because there is no pain present. Concussions kill silently! Any blow to the head whether on the football field or from a car accident, requires transport to the hospital for evaluation. It's important to remember that not every head injury is visible. Thorough imaging is necessary to rule out severe and life threatening complications. This article will seek to explain what, exactly, a concussion is. We'll also...

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Is Burn Injury a Preventable Accident?

Burn injuries are preventable, yet they take thousands of lives across the country every year. Shaked Law Firm explains burn injury prevention.

Burn injuries are preventable, yet they take thousands of lives across the country every year. These injuries also leave many fighting for their lives in hospitals for months or even years at a time. Endless surgeries, painful healing, scarring, and disfigurement can all occur with severe burns. People sustain burn injuries as a result of an explosion, house fire,  and other devastating circumstances. However, they have one thing in common: they may have been preventable with better knowledge of fire safety....

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