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How Do Truck Drivers Maintain Hours of Service?

This article answers questions regarding driver fatigue. Specifically, the fatigue trucking operators experience driving long haul and commercial vehicles.

Hours of Service are in place to protect the safety of the truck driver, as well as other drivers on the road. Trucking carrier fatigue and the accidents it can cause, pose serious liability risk to both truck driver and trucking company. It's also a serious public safety risk. The statistics according to Department of Transportation are staggering. Accidents due to fatigue are responsible for 13% of all commercial motor vehicle related collisions! Hours of Service violations are serious. That’s why the DOT is enforcing better regulations for operators of Commercial Motor Vehicles ("CMVs"). To achieve this, the DOT is imposing Hours...

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What is “Pain” in “Pain and Suffering”?

After an accident leaves a victim in physical pain, the right to compensation exists. Shaked Law Firm explains the "pain" in "pain and suffering".

The "pain" in "pain and suffering" is serious. Often, victims of serious car and motorcycle accidents attempt to hide their pain hoping it might go away. This is usually due to the fear of doctors denying they're telling the truth. Victims fear they will never receive proper compensation for their pain. This is another reason why accident victims must quickly retain a lawyer with Board Certification....

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How Does Wrongful Death Affect Surviving Family?

Shaked Law Firm provides extensive legal insight into the legal side of families seeking justice after Florida Wrongful Death.

Wrongful Death. It's difficult to think about losing a family member. However, when a person dies due to the Recklessness or Negligence of another, the surviving family suffers mentally and financially. Mental anguish brought upon surviving family after Wrongful Death may entitle them to pursue legal action. Mental anguish brought upon surviving family after Wrongful Death may entitle them to pursue legal action. A victim of Wrongful Death may be the sole income for their family. This leaves the family not only in emotional anguish, but in financial distress as well. When a child loses the parent that provides for him...

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Update: What is the Legal Side of Florida Pedestrian Accidents?

This article provides the four (4) most important legal points those who sustain injuries in pedestrian accidents must heed.

Pedestrian accidents are a common cause of injuries and sometimes, wrongful death. Hit and run accidents involving pedestrians are often severe. This is due in part to the nature of a car striking a human being without protection. The victim in a pedestrian accident has no protection from airbags on impact. Pedestrian accidents usually occur while a victim is crossing the street. Sometimes, the victim is already in the middle of the street while a vehicle fails to stop at a red light....

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