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What is Personal Injury Protection in Florida?

What does Personal Injury Protection cover in Florida auto accidents? Do drivers benefit from PIP coverage? Is it required? Shaked Law Firm Explains.

Chances are most drivers know of Personal Injury Protection, or "PIP" insurance. However, many don't know just how important it is. Do we, as drivers, see any benefit from PIP coverage? Is it a specific requirement in Florida? What does Personal Injury Protection cover in the event of a driver becoming injured in a car accident? These are all questions clients ask frequently. Unfortunately, younger, or paper pusher lawyers, handling car accident cases fail to recognize the importance of Personal Injury Protection. Within this Shaked Law Resource article we'll provide our audience with accurate information regarding Personal Injury Protection. Furthermore, we'll...

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Why Do Back and Spine Injury Delay Recovery?

This Shaked Law Firm article will provide the answers to what comes next in cases of injuries of the back and spine that delay recovery.

Disclaimer: Patients should always discuss bothersome symptoms with a qualified medical professional. One should never rely on articles found via the internet when making important medical decisions. This article has no intention to replace the advice of a licensed, medical doctor. Why do back and spine injury delay recovery? After an accident that causes severe injuries, a victim loses precious time, and quality of life. Lost wages, job loss, and isolation from family and friends commonly occur with severe injury. After recovery on the medical side, a victim should be able to return to daily life after a short healing...

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How is Mental Anguish Affecting Accident Victims?

Shaked Law Firm article explores the legal side of mental anguish post accident with injuries, and answers frequently asked questions

Mental anguish is just as serious as physical injuries! When accident results in a physical injury to the victim, the first step to recovery is medical stabilization. Medically stabilizing the victim after a Florida auto accident, motorcycle accident, or other accident with physical injuries should be top priority. The medical side is the focus until the patient is well enough to transition home from the hospital. Once a victim is stable medically, it becomes easy to paint the picture of quality of life. However, this is a common mistake. What is the mental health side of a Personal Injury claim? Mental anguish...

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What is a Florida Distracted Driving Accident?

This Shaked Law Firm Blog article presents everything safe drivers need to know for the best distracted driving prevention practices.

In Florida, whether we're texting, playing with the radio, or asking Siri for a favor, driving distractions are everywhere. Scarily, driving in this manner is becoming "normal"! In reality, it's a safety hazard. In busy cities like Miami, it's more important than ever to keep our eyes on the road, not on the phone. Distracted driving is something that as Florida drivers, we can prevent by simply focusing on the road. In the event of an emergency, pulling over safely to the side of the road is our best option. In busy cities like Miami, it's more important than ever to...

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