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Treatments For Knee and Leg Injuries After Accident?

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While not usually life threatening, knee and leg injuries are some of the most painful. Knee and leg injuries can happen anywhere: work, pedestrian hit-and-run accidents, and falls on improperly maintained sidewalks or on wet floors without proper warning signs. After sustaining an injury to the knee or leg, a victim can find themselves lacking the athleticism and mobility they once had. These are particularly devastating to those who enjoy physical exercise: running, jogging, and playing basketball to name a few. The immobility knee and leg injuries cause, greatly reduce quality of life. This is especially true if an accident leaves...

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Suing a Trucking Company For Negligent Acts?

trucking, florida trucking accident, negligent acts, trucking company, american truck

Who is liable for Florida trucking accidents? After a trucking accident in which a victim sustains serious injuries, a Personal Injury consultation is a must. A Personal Injury lawyer with years of trucking accident experience can determine the amount of damages recoverable. A lawyer lacking trucking accident experience may send the client out the door with insufficient compensation! While some lawyers claim they handle cases as large as Florida trucking accidents, they never see them to verdict. This article includes the following points found in Florida trucking accidents: What is the principle of 'Respondeat Superior'?How does the "scope of employment" determine compensation?How...

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How Are Drivers Preventing Florida Auto Accidents?

This Shaked Law Firm article answers questions of safety, as well as providing insight to Florida auto accident prevention!

Catastrophic car accidents are never easy to think about. But, the truth is accidents can happen to anyone, anytime. The best to do is practice safe driving habits, lessening the likelihood of a car accident. In other Law Resource articles, we discuss car insurance, distracted driving, and reckless driving at length. However, it's important that when presenting facts about catastrophic car accidents, we offer a different perspective into safe driving practices....

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