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What is Whiplash After a Car Accident?

Whiplash occurs when the head and neck move rapidly. This Shaked Law Firm article provides information on whiplash injuries from car accidents.

Whiplash. The name doesn’t precisely convey what's behind this painful injury. After suffering injuries in a car accident, truck accident, or motorcycle accident, whiplash can be severe. However, it is an injury that's too often neglected in favor of more "visible" pain and suffering. Whiplash does cause pain and suffering, though. This article explains exactly why this injury is so severe, and painful. Within the context of this article the Shaked Law Firm provides an in-depth explanation of whiplash resulting from accidents. We cover the following topics: What happens after a car accident?Which kind of accidents cause whiplash injuries?What are whiplash symptoms?What does...

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What is Commercial Trucking Insurance?

Shaked Law Firm explains commercial trucking insurance policies. Those big 18-wheelers traveling I-95 every morning? Those guys!

Sometimes, we may not anticipate the outcome of a car accident. When life moves quickly, the best thing we can do is protect ourselves. That’s what car insurance policies are for. In our various insurance articles we provide readers everything they need to know on personal insurance policies. Now, we will look at another form of insurance: commercial trucking insurance. These insurance policies are in place to protect Florida's truck drivers. Those big, monster, eighteen-wheelers traveling I-95 or the Turnpike every morning? Those guys! How does Florida protect truck drivers? The same principle of necessity applies to those in the automotive and...

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What Should CRPS Patients Do After Diagnosis?

What Should CRPS Patients Do After Diagnosis?

CRPS affects every patient differently. It’s estimated that 90% of those with a CRPS diagnosis suffer from Type I. The remaining 10% of patients suffer from Type II. In our first article about CRPS in early 2018,  CRPS Victims Are Suffering Physically, Financially After Medical Malpractice we provide insight what CRPS is. From our very first article, we always stress that Medical Malpractice victims should consult with a Board Certified lawyer. CRPS patients may have grounds for litigation if their diagnosis is a direct result of a doctor's negligence. As we explain in 2018's popular Victims Benefit From CRPS Treatment, But Medical Bills Pile Up...

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How Do Bone Injuries Affect Accident Recovery?

How Do Bone Injuries Affect Accident Recovery?

Bone injuries are some of the most painful. Car accident, motorcycle accident, or workplace mishap. No matter the accident, victims may be unable to use a limb for an extended period of time. Sometimes bone injuries result in amputations. This ultimately results in lost wages and even possible job loss. Dealing with bone injuries, breaks, and fractures poses a period of extensive medical recovery. For victims to receive sufficient compensation for their injuries, we'll explain the types of bone injuries that occur as a result of accidents. Certain injuries may require a longer recovery period, thus extending a victim's pain and suffering indefinitely. This Shaked...

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