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What is Florida Medical Negligence?

Shaked Law Firm explains the scope of Florida Medical Negligence, Malpractice, and Misdiagnosis, and the pain and suffering these errors cause patients.

When it comes to Florida Medical Negligence, it’s not always a surgical error or a visible, physical injury. In fact, this is not the number one cause for a medical malpractice claim. There are the rare instances where a surgical tool is left inside the patient’s body, or a surgeon performs a procedure they're not familiar with. While these result in serious bodily injury to the patient, they are uncommon. However, it's more likely if a patient chooses to pursue a medical malpractice claim, it’s due to Misdiagnosis. Within this Shaked Law Firm article, we’ll explain Florida Medical Negligence. We'll explore...

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“I’ve Been Subpoenaed! What Do I Do?”

Shaked Law Firm explains subpoena compliance. What is a subpoena? What happens after being subpoenaed? Can a client ignore it?

Under the law, subpoena is "a writ ordering a person to attend a court". When a judge issues a subpoena for a person, this means they do not receive the choice to appear. It's a must. Failing to appear in court in these cases results in serious legal consequences. This Shaked Law Firm article explains why subpoena compliance is mandatory, not optional. What is a subpoena? What happens after being subpoenaed? Can a client ignore a subpoena? What is a subpoena? First of all, a question lawyers often receive from clients who receive a subpoena is "what is it?". This is because they're not fully...

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What is a Florida Negligent Security Accident?

What is a Florida Negligent Security accident? These accidents can happen to any, any time in Miami. Shaked Law Firm explains Negligent Security in detail.

What is a Florida Negligent Security accident? Negligent Security accidents can happen to any, any time in Miami. No one is immune to the dangerous mistake businesses are liable for. It's important that businesses ensure the health and safety of employees. When an employee travels to a location to perform their duties, they must be aware of the area's crime rate. Accidental shootings, stab wounds, and assaults happen when one cannot properly protect themselves. These are instances in which employees are not aware of the crime occurring at the job site. Thus, business owners must put safety of customers and employees first. It...

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How Do Doctors Treat CRPS After Accident?

This Shaked Law Firm Blog article is a guide to help patients facing the pain and suffering of a CRPS diagnosis after an accident (causalgia).

A CRPS diagnosis is a relief to many people. Now, that sounds too good to be true, right? How is possible to feel relief receiving a diagnosis? The answer is clear. Knowing pain and suffering is real, can be a relief to many. The relief a CRPS (formerly RSD) diagnosis brings to a patient's mental state is only temporary, however. The toll long term chronic pain takes on the emotional state of a patient is immeasurable. Living with CRPS, a disease those enduring it call "the suicide disease", is a medical nightmare of dead ends. The lack of "real" treatment available...

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