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Why Are Motorcycle Helmet Laws in Florida So Lax?

Florida's motorcycle helmet laws are so lax, they're lulling people into a false sense of security! This Shaked Law Firm article changes that perspective.

Florida doesn't require motorcycle riders over the age of 21 to wear a helmet! How many times have we been driving down one of Florida's highways only to see someone on a motorcycle without a helmet? While riding a motorcycle can be a fun, enjoyable way to navigate the traffic congested Florida roads, most riders don't protect themselves properly to do so....

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How Does Mediation Factor into Personal Injury Cases?

When thinking of a lawsuit, we think "courtroom". However, there may be downsides to cases rushing straight to trial. Shaked Law Firm explains Mediation.

Dating back to Ancient Rome, lawsuits that take place in a civil court are preferential to trials in court. In modern times, this method includes Personal Injury cases (Civil Law). When thinking of a lawsuit, we think "courtroom" and "judge". However, there may be downsides of cases rushing straight to trial. Usually, going to trial is not the first method of litigation, according to Personal Injury experts. Lawyers with more experience have clients in mind, not the idea of forcing unnecessarily long litigation. That's why Mediation exists. What is Mediation? "Mediation” is necessary to avoid a lengthy trial. However, if trial is...

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