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Author: Shaked Law Resource

What is a Successful Amputation Case?

Shaked Law Firm answers questions that victims often have after a traumatic injury requiring amputation, either due to accident or Medical Malpractice.

Successfully litigating accidents resulting in amputation requires adequate Personal Injury experience. However, possible to recover maximum compensation with a credible, Board Certified lawyer. After an accident resulting in amputation, victims rightfully accrue feelings of hopelessness. This can be due to the physical setbacks that amputation causes. These setbacks do not have to be linear. Recovery from an amputation has its ups-and-downs. Loss of a limb coincides with mental anguish known as "phantom limb". A victim may still feel the limb that is no longer there. This physical feeling of pain comes with mental side effects. "Phantom limb" causes may cause victims to...

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What Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Do For Me?

What can a Personal Injury lawyer do for me after an accident? Shaked Law Firm explains why it's important to ask questions during the initial consultation!

What can a Florida Personal Injury lawyer do for me after an accident? A law firm that has decades of experience explains the process of pursuing litigation in a way potential clients can understand, at no charge. There's a lot of legal speak happening behind the scenes, but the best lawyers take the time to explain everything to the client. This way, the client can choose to move forward with their case, or walk away. What is a Personal Injury consultation? Normally, Personal Injury law firms offer free case evaluations. These are also referred to as "consultations". It's a red flag to find...

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How Do Victims of Hit and Run Accidents Recover Compensation?

Hit and run accidents occur when a driver flees the scene after causing injury to another driver. Shaked Law Firm explains the severity and consequences of these accidents.

Hit and run accidents occur when a driver flees the scene after causing injury to another driver. Drivers that run from the scene of an accident are actively committing a crime. They could even be committing a felony, in the case of serious bodily harm to the victim. The legal consequences for causing a hit and run accident may include specific penalties when another driver, pedestrian, or biker sustains injuries....

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Why is a Back Injury Post Accident Concerning?

This Shaked Law Firm article provides information necessary to fully understand pain and suffering due to back injury resulting from accidents.

Within the scope of Personal Injury Law we see endless injuries that affect our clients. These injuries cause irreparable harm, making daily life impossible to live fully. Medical Malpractice. Car accidents. Motorcycle accidents. Traumatic Brain Injury. There isn't one specific injury that's "the most painful". The "pain" in "pain and suffering" is unique to each client. These injuries cause innumerable symptoms, sometimes leaving clients bed bound or in a wheelchair for long periods of time....

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