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Dealing With Insurance Companies After FL Car Crash

Dealing With Insurance Companies After FL Car Crash

A car insurance company's whole "deal" is denying compensation after your car crash. It's as unfair as it sounds.

When a Florida auto accident occurs it’s important to remember that insurance companies will never be on the victim’s side. These guys are not friends! No matter how nice their representatives sound over the phone. Even when meeting with accident victims face to face, this tactic is for their benefit. Insurance companies use glowing reviews and marketing to trick accident victims into thinking they’re on their side. Victims should never fall for it!

The truth about insurance companies?

This Shaked Law Firm Blog article aims to show the Top 5 reasons insurance companies are unfair to Florida auto accident victims. A car insurance company’s whole “deal” is denying compensation after your car crash. It’s as unfair as it sounds. It makes no difference if the beneficiary is entitled to the money. As a result, it’s important to have the best Miami Personal Injury attorney representing your accident claim.

Reason #1: Deny, Delay, Don’t Pay

Among the insurance companies’ favorite tactics is Deny, Delay, Don’t Pay. This stall tactic is a common practice insurance companies use to keep victims from seeing compensation. This practice not only harms victims, but is downright deceitful in its use on such an arbitrary and regular basis.

The appalling statistics show that even accident victims with catastrophic claims are not receiving rightful compensation. This is due to the insurance company employing the tactic of of Deny, Delay, Don’t Pay. Keeping victims in the dark about claims, hoping they’ll “go away” after denial is what insurance companies depend on. This is in an effort to save money, even though providing compensation is the sole purpose of insurance companies! Sounds impossible right? The massive insurance industry averages $30 billion a year in profits. They attempt to save money by denying those with injuries from accidents the compensation they rightfully deserve. The protection beneficiaries paid for should be there when they need it most.

When it comes to the insurance company there’s no guarantee (even though there should be)

Just because Florida drivers pay for car insurance, there is no guarantee of compensation from the insurance company. Still sounding totally unfair? That’s because it is. The denial of a Florida auto accident claim is very rarely fair, quick, or simple.

Whether the claim is paying medical expenses, car repairs, or lost wages, a delay in processing a claim harms victims. Delays not only waste everyone’s time, but fighting the insurance company reduces quality of life. Without a lawyer, the insurance company simply won’t pay. It’s important that before filing a claim, the party with injuries retains a lawyer with Board Certification. A lawyer with experience in the dishonest stall tactics of the “opposing” party is necessary.

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Reason #2: Legitimate claims receiving nonsense denials

Some of the nation’s largest insurance companies are infamous for deceptive denial practices. Their claim to fame should be for for how many people they help, but insurance companies deny legitimate claims. Saving money is a priority for them. This is because insurance companies are must meet a bottom line, no matter who they’re denying to do it. Usually, the bottom line is completely arbitrary. The insufficient offer of compensation is usually made up by a paper pushing higher-up. When an offer of a settlement is made during mediation, there is a possibility it will not be sufficient. In these situations, the case must progress to trial.

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The rules in the insurance company’s “book” change in a way that will never be fair to accident victims. Insurance companies frequently change policies without notifying beneficiaries in writing. This gives the insurance company an unfair advantage, every time. Personal Injury lawyers are there to ensure their clients receive what’s theirs. Maximum compensation!

Florida car crash victims should never fight an insurance company by themselves

Attempting to fight the insurance company by yourself is a waste of time. This is especially true when it comes to Florida’s Statute of Limitations. (The Statute states there is only a certain amount of time accident victims have to file a claim.) Some law firms leave it to the client to do their own paperwork! This not OK. An expert injury law firm never leaves a client to “figure it out” themselves.

Insurance companies are famous for telling auto accident victims they don’t deserve compensation. This causes those victims to give up entirely or at the very least, delay speaking with a lawyer. A consequence of delaying consultation with a lawyer is exceeding the Statute of Limitations. A judge will deny any claim that exceeds the state’s Statute of Limitations no matter how legitimate the case.

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Reason #3: Defense doctors work for the insurance company

Who are “defense doctors”? In short, they’re dishonest representatives of the insurance company who often find “nothing wrong” with victims. After an accident, the insurance company deploys unethical providers to report their findings, even if it’s not the truth. Often, the doctor’s report discredits the accident victim’s legitimate claim of pain and suffering.

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Florida Personal Injury attorneys prepare clients for a “DME” (Defense Medical Examination.) More often than not, the car insurance company purposely hires a doctor to testify they know will state the victim’s auto accident injuries are not enough to receive compensation.

A Personal Injury claim is always about honesty, even when the insurance company is not

Upon examination, the lawyer must advise their client to remain honest about the pain and suffering they experience. A Personal Injury lawyer advises their client how to handle implications of doubt by the defense doctor.

Furthermore, attempting to discredit a victim with life threatening injuries is insulting enough. But then the defense doctor will usually, “miraculously” find that a victim’s injuries are not serious.  Worse, that their injuries did not occur as a result of their accident. Defense doctors will claim the injuries were sustained years ago! This practice is wrong. Employing defense hired doctors is not an ethical practice. In no way is it “fair and impartial”. Thus, the injured party’s Personal Injury lawyer must provide the burden of proof. This keeps cases fair and in line with what the client rightfully deserves.

Reason #4: Auto insurance contracts purposely make no sense

When it comes to contracts, the average person should never be expected to understand the “word salad”. Insurance contracts use terminology that requires a specific set of skills to understand. Insurance company terminology is much like the legal speak of lawyers. However, there is a difference: accident lawyers have the best interest of the client, and the insurance company does not.

Insurance contracts are not meant for the average person to understand. The insurance companies don’t see people, they see ways to cut costs wherever possible. This includes purposely creating contracts that are impossible to understand. As a result, beneficiaries pay a premium but end up misinterpreting what it is they’re paying for.

Florida auto insurance companies are using confusing language on purpose

Confusing linguistics is a common practice among most insurance companies. The more large, inexplicable words they use, the more the beneficiary will feel compelled to sign. This serves a deceitful purpose on behalf of the insurance company in the long run. It’s another practice there just to confuse victims into just giving up.

The same deception goes for the fine print worked into nearly every insurance policy available to consumers. “Anti-concurrent” clauses in otherwise innocuous sounding insurance policies are buried under pages of fine print. These clauses then leave accident victims with no protection when they need it most. And this is all due to something they don’t know they’re signing. Insurance companies know if they don’t bury the fine print, policy holders will not sign. These clauses are so obscure, they may never come up until the victim needs to use their policy most.

Reason #5: Car insurance companies prioritize cost cutting over the needs of crash victims

It’s a car insurance company’s priority to keep costs low over the needs of their beneficiaries, the car crash victims. Even a friendly customer service representative will never have a policy holder’s best interest at heart. Many accident victims find the friendliness of phone reps disarming when they call to make a claim. This is purposeful! The nicer the representative is, the less likely a beneficiary will be to attempt to fight a claim denial. Insurance companies don’t discriminate against whose claims they deny. Everyone from trucking accident victims to cancer patients receive denials for the care they need.

What is the importance of an experienced Personal Injury lawyer to help me fight my auto accident claim?

Florida accident victims should never attempt to fight their case alone. A Florida Personal Injury lawyer with thousands of successful outcomes after a serious accident of any kind is a necessity.

The importance of a lawyer with experience to fight the insurance company on behalf of the client is invaluable. Lawyers with Board Certification have experience in Deny, Delay, Don’t Pay tactics. Therefore, insurance companies know not to “mess with” Board Certified lawyers. Only 1% of accident lawyers will achieve Board Certification. These lawyers establish a successful reputation and will usually receive a favorable outcome. Usually, it’s due to their refusal to bend to “paper pushing” tactics. The best lawyers go all the way to trial whenever necessary.

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