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Why Should My Attorney Be Board Certified?

Why Should My Attorney Be Board Certified?

Board Certified is what separates paper pusher lawyers from expert, case winning lawyers and Shaked Law Firm will explain why.

Board Certification is a mark of excellence for expert Personal Injury attorneys. It’s not an option for those striving to maintain successful firms, it’s a must. Patients should never trust a doctor lacking Board Certification in their specialty. The commitment to excellence applies to a Personal Injury attorney. After all, a Personal Injury attorney is responsible for the outcome of an accident claim in which a client suffers life-threatening injuries. The problem lies in the lack of information the public has on this area of law. Many people are not aware that attorneys can even be a Board Certified Civil Trial lawyer. This lack of publicly available knowledge hurts clients who deserve justice.

Board Certified is what separates paper pusher lawyers from expert, case winning lawyers and Shaked Law Firm will explain why.

Within this article we offer the facts for those seeking consultation with a Board Certified Civil Trial lawyer post accident. This article provides important information those who sustain injuries in accidents for which they are not at-fault must have prior to the first meeting.

“Paper pusher” lawyers pose problems resolving Florida Personal Injury cases

A “paper pusher” is what we refer to as a lawyer that takes as many claims as possible just to bolster their “results”. These lawyers will never hold Board Certification because they run their firms like factories. They may have results to show, but large verdicts and high settlements are few and far between. Instead, these “results” are a pittance! It’s merely the lawyer doing the minimum for the client by “winning” hundreds of cases by settling for the first offer from the insurance company.

(For clients suffering severe injuries, money matters. The most compensation available guarantees a client and their family achieve financial stability despite pain and suffering.)

Insurance companies take advantage of those who fight claims on their own

When it comes to fighting Florida insurance companies, it’s a lose-lose situation if victims choose to fight alone. They don’t have to! Honest clients deserve honest, credible Board Certified Civil Trial lawyers. After consultation, a lawyer can infer everything they need to know about whether or not they want to take on the case. A client with a credible case has nothing to worry about, and should never fight alone.

Why should I not attempt to fight the insurance company by myself?

Insurance companies are not in the business of treating accident victims fairly. If the victim resorts to dealing with the insurance company alone, there is a high chance that they will not receive the fairness they deserve when it comes to compensation for their injury. Think of fighting a Personal Injury claim with no lawyer the same way you would think of a football team playing with no quarterback!

Deny, Delay, Don’t Pay is used to scare off victims from seeking the compensation they deserve. This tactic is used as soon as the insurance company finds out the victim’s lawyer is a “paper pusher” (remember what we said above.)

Take it from us, the insurance companies know a “paper pusher” or “claims adjuster” when they see one.

Board Certified lawyers are the only ones who can take on the insurance company

Never fight the insurance company alone! Only a Board Certified Civil Trial lawyer can recover maximum compensation. That’s a fact. Florida’s legal system is complex. Understanding statutes, laws, and what is actually able to be brought to trial is extremely difficult for those lacking experience. A Board Certified lawyer has consistent, successful results. Board Certified lawyers have more knowledge than that of their Personal Injury peers.

Furthermore, only a Board Certified Civil Trial lawyer will be able to go up against an insurance company’s team of lawyers. Whether it’s preparing a client for mediation or going all the way to trial, the lawyer knows the due process. Each Personal Injury claim is different. Having experience with different accidents and outcomes is the first step to maximum compensation. Board Certified Civil Trial lawyers can provide appropriate legal advice on a case by case basis.

It’s all about experience, experience, experience!

Without experience, trying to sort through what we call “the book of the client’s life” is another losing battle. A law firm lacking experience is a firm that never receives maximum compensation. Insurance companies look at the lawyer’s experience and use it against them, if it’s lacking. This is another disadvantage to the client.

Insurance companies want the victim to give up. Having a lawyer with no experience guarantees that will happen. Board Certified Civil Trial lawyers ensure the insurance companies don’t stand a chance when it comes to intimidating the client.

Board Certified Civil Trial lawyers are rare (for a reason)

For those who are unaware, here’s a fact: Board Certification is a process that begins as soon as the bar exam is out of the way. Lawyers pass the bar, and then immediately strive to achieve the most success possible. Become an associate, a partner, and ultimately own their own firm. Young lawyers are the lawyers who stay hungry through the early, oft difficult years of their career. “Staying hungry” ensures they have the chance to hold the honor of their own firm, and Board Certification later in their career.

Only 1% of lawyers reach the milestone of becoming a Board Certified lawyer.

This highly sought after but rarely realized achievement puts Board Certified Civil Trial lawyers above and beyond their non-Board Certified peers by leaps and bounds. Attaining double certification is less common, as less than 1% of lawyers can claim this crowning jewel of success. Double board certification means not only is the lawyer Board Certified within the state they practice, but nationally.

Florida Board Certified lawyers have the most credibility

Compared to their peers, a Board Certified Civil Trial lawyer upholds a higher standard of morals, ethical behavior, and trustworthiness. That is to say: it’s all about credibility. Their success is based on client happiness, not the number of clients the lawyer was able to see in a month. Board Certified lawyers obtain multi-million dollar settlements on behalf of their clients because they see cases through to the end successfully.

Board Certified Civil Trial lawyers are credible, honest, and only represent credible, honest clients. Lying to the lawyer puts everyone in a destructive position. A lawyer’s reputation is at stake if their credibility comes into question. This is why top lawyers are experts in determining which clients are credible, and deserve representation, and which ones belong with the liars.

Contingency in Personal Injury is standard, and clients need to know it!

Personal Injury lawyers work on contingency. That means, the lawyer will not make any money unless the client recovers compensation. Lawyers who advertise “no fee up front” are not being honest with clients. The field of Personal Injury widely accepts contingency as a common practice. Thus, due to it’s acceptable ethics, there is no need to advertise it.

Lawyers who advertise “free legal representation” are a red flag to find another firm: ASAP!

Credibility means transparency and honesty

At the end of the day, it’s lack of credibility, false promises and lack of experience that can kill a case. Victims who end up stuck with a “paper pusher” will often receive the least amount of money. That’s money meant to better their quality of life! These clients often do not have the resources to seek out a better accident lawyer.

With the facts in this article, YOU now have the knowledge to place yourself in the hands of an expert, Board Certified Civil Trial lawyer. Remember: it’s all about credibility, credibility, credibility!

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