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What is a TBI Life Care Plan?

What is a TBI Life Care Plan?

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This Shaked Law Firm article provides Personal Injury insight on what happens after victims sustain a severe brain injury. This includes a TBI Life Care Plan. This factual information comes firsthand from Sagi Shaked, a double Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer who has tried and won numerous brain injury lawsuits, recovering millions of dollars in damages.

When something as drastic as TBI occurs after an accident, victims feel they may never regain quality of life as a result of experiencing any number of setbacks physically. These setbacks are not linear. They are specific to the victim and thus, can occur any time during brain injury recovery.

What financial impacts do brain injuries have?

First and foremost, for a victim of brain injury such as TBI, the emotional trauma of their experience is not calculable. Victims of workplace injury falls or accidents resulting in TBI may have flashbacks. These flashbacks and resulting PTSD can keep them from achieving full recovery. A Florida Personal Injury lawyer ensures that all of this factors into the financial compensation their client receives. An economic recovery period ensures that at least, the victim provides financially for family during a time when working or caring for minor children may not be possible.

Next, this brings us to the necessity of an TBI Life Care Plan.

What is a TBI Life Care Plan?

According to PubMed, Life Care Plan a care plan’s definition when TBI results is as follows:

[…]A life care plan is a detailed and comprehensive analysis of impairments, realistic needs, and associated costs relevant to providing a lifetime of care to patients. Physicians have a central role in advising life care planners. Within an expertly prepared life care plan, issues must correspond directly with proposed goods and services. A life care plan must clearly cite all relevant caregiver sources and rely on scientific evidence.

PubMed, Life Care Planning for TBI

How do the legal and medical sides work together to decide on an adequate TBI Life Care Plan?

There is no specific outline for a Life Care Plan’s initial preparation. However, it remains necessary for the Plan to be sustainable long-term in regard to the medical needs of the plaintiff. Thus, doctors and legal experts coordinate in order to prepare a document that outlines the specific needs of the client. Each Plan has different requirements, and each patient differs in their preferences after brain injury. There are several different Care Plans available for catastrophic injuries. Amputation is also an injury that requires a Life Care Plan. While some who sustain injuries requiring amputation may require future surgery, others may not. Any needs, current and future, specific to the patient are addressed in the care plan.

Another example of necessity may be a home health nurse for one patient, while another is more comfortable in an Assisted Living Facility (“ALF”). There are no right and wrong answers when it comes to creating a Life Care Plan for a patient with brain injury. The only “right” thing about a Care Plan is the quality of life it provides for the future of the party with injuries.

Going forward, the next section covers what goes into a TBI Life Care Plan, and some examples of what patients require post-brain injury.

What goes into a successful TBI Life Care Plan?

Next, when approaching a TBI Life Care Plan, there is a specific list of necessary areas that require medical and legal professionals to work together. The following list is not a catch-all, but only a handful of areas that apply in Personal Injury cases of TBI:

  • Projected treatment needs
  • Projected therapeutic modalities
  • Medications
  • Diagnostics
  • Prescription drug needs
  • Wheelchair (brain injuries often result in loss of balance)
  • Home adaptations to allow for independent living
  • Home care and specialized hospital care
  • Recreational equipment
  • Future medical care
  • Future mental health care to address trauma

What is the emotional impact of TBI on patients?

Next, we must look at the emotional impact of TBI.

Sometimes patients sustain injuries that are no fault of their own. Sometimes brain injuries cause coma or other severe outcomes in which the patient loses self-sufficiency. There is no expectation for these patients to be “fine”. Physically, brain injuries may be “invisible”. However, those who never experience this trauma cannot understand the emotional impact of sustaining a TBI. The enormous mental anguish and PTSD that results from losing the ability to care for oneself is immeasurable in dollars.

After TBI, brain injury must learn to live life as a “new normal”. They must learn to live differently than they once did. Many patients report feeling extreme levels of anxiety and depression. Victims of TBI must sometimes quit hobbies or even their career, after an accident. For some, receiving care from others when they were once active and independent is difficult to accept. TBI and associated brain injuries include dizziness, headaches, balance and coordination issues. Brain injury impairments inhibit or reduce quality of life. Going from active lifestyle to isolation is traumatic!

How do Life Care Plans help restore Quality of Life?

It’s difficult fully restore Quality of Life after TBI. However, a Personal Injury lawyer dedicates their entire career to pursuing the justice the client deserves after trauma. Nonetheless, while a brain injury doesn’t mean the victim’s life is over, the road to recovery can present its challenges. Sometimes the outcome of a brain injury is permanent, and victims never fully recover. Therefore, a victim may require physical and occupational therapies, full time care, and the financial resources to acquire these necessities. Furthermore, patients may require therapy to address the traumatic event, which takes an emotional and mental toll, causing further PTSD.

This is why a TBI Life Care Plan is of utmost importance!

All victims of TBI undergo dramatic life changes they’re not ready for. This is why consulting an expert Florida brain injury attorney is non-negotiable. Every brain injury victim deserves compassion, compensation, and justice. Thus, an expert lawyer will never let a client become a victim of the insurance company. An experienced and compassionate lawyer will stop at nothing to do what’s right for the client.

What happens after an accident with catastrophic injuries?

As a result of a catastrophic accident, victims must quickly retain a credible law firm. Legal advice is a necessity once the victim is medically stable. Many victims of brain injury accidents have no idea a Life Care Plan may be available to them! Thus, an expert Florida brain injury lawyer can help the family on the road to recovery both on the financial side, and the medical side. This assistance includes coordinating a TBI Life Care Plan between the client and the medical team.

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