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Why Are Personal Injury Cases About Credibility?

Why Are Personal Injury Cases About Credibility?

This Shaked Law Firm article covers the top 3 things clients do that break Personal Injury cases, and the one that almost guarantees a successful outcome for the client.

Credibility makes or breaks Personal Injury cases! This Shaked Law Firm article covers the top three things clients do that break their case, and the one that almost guarantees a favorable outcome. Our Shaked Law Resource provides factual, truthful legal materials to better assist those seeking Personal Injury representation.

#1: Social media. Can social media really hurt Personal Injury cases?

So many of us find ourselves scrolling through social media on a daily basis. We rely on apps for news, to share information, and to post updates on our lives. However, social media has become a common problem in Personal Injury cases. Why? Social media allows lawyers to quickly catch the liars!

Lawyers will place Personal Injury clients in one of two categories: those who lie, and those who are truthful. The truthful clients refrain from posting too much on social media for the duration of their case. Some may not post at all, depending on the advice of their lawyer.

On the other hand, It’s easy to spot a liars. How? They’ll tell the law firm one story, but social media will show another. Clients don’t often consider who may be looking into their social media during a lawsuit. Or, they don’t take a lawyer’s advice seriously. When it’s the latter, it’s easy to spot a liar. During a Personal Injury case, all eyes are on the clients’ actions during, and after, the accident.

For example, the client may tell their lawyer their back or hip pain makes it impossible for them to return to work. However, the attorney discovers their social media. Facebook displays various pictures of them dancing, working out, or playing sports. These social media inconsistencies make it difficult for the lawyer to trust the client. When it comes to attorney-client relationships trust is the most important factor in the case. The lawyer must have the whole truth (and nothing but the truth) from the client.

#2: Lying. Why should clients never lie about the extent of their injuries?

Personal Injury cases should never be thought of as a cash grab. Some clients feel they can lie about how bad their injuries are, to receive more compensation. These clients are some of the worst liars. The job of a Board Certified lawyer is to provide justice to clients who truly sustain pain and suffering. When one of the liars sits down with a lawyer and tells a misleading story, this takes the time away from a truly injured victim requiring legal advice.

There’s a simple solution to the problem: don’t ever lie! By telling the lawyer exactly what happened, he or she will be able to best use their time to resolve the case favorably. The truth is, whether or not a person believes they’re a good enough actor to pull off lying (and faking their injuries) the lawyer, judge, and jury will always be able to see the truth. Lawyers with experience can separate the truthful clients, from the liars.

#3: Exaggerating. Why should Personal Injury clients never exaggerate details of their accident?

If the story changes, it’s a red flag to any lawyer with experience, that a client is lying. Changing events leading to the injury will not help the Personal Injury case. In fact, it can kill the case. Exaggerating is another red flag that top Personal Injury lawyers catch onto quickly. Telling the lawyer what you think they want to hear instead of the truth can hurt a Personal Injury case. Lying about past medical history to make injuries seem worse will only reduce the compensation. Anything less than the truth hurts your case!

The best thing to do in a situation where a client is unsure of how to answer… is to ask! The lawyer’s job is protecting the client. During the legal process many questions arise, and the lawyer can only do their job if the client is a credible source of information. As a result, making things up so the case “sounds better” can hurt the case. The only thing a Personal Injury lawyer takes interest in, is the truth.

What’s the #1 secret to favorable outcomes in Personal Injury cases?

There is no secret! The answer is: tell the truth. When it comes to “winning” a case, there’s more that factors in than clients consider. The lawyers with the most experience know that to achieve a favorable outcome on behalf of Personal Injury clients, the secret is hiding in plain sight.

There’s no gimmick here, and the secret to the most successful lawyers’ careers is simple: credibility. This secret is not actually a secret at all! Every client should always tell the truth, no matter the circumstances.

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