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What Steps Should I Take After a Pedestrian Accident?

What Steps Should I Take After a Pedestrian Accident?

Shaked Law Firm provides the four (4) most important steps to take after becoming the victim of a pedestrian accident.

Pedestrian accidents are a common cause of injuries and sometimes, wrongful death. Hit and run accidents involving pedestrians are often severe. This is due in part to the nature of a car striking a human being without protection. The victim in a pedestrian accident has no protection from airbags on impact. Pedestrian accidents usually occur while a victim is crossing the street. Sometimes, the victim is already in the middle of the street while a vehicle fails to stop at a red light.

A victim with the right of way hit while crossing a street may legally pursue compensation for their injuries. In the event of a wrongful death, a victim’s family has the right to recover compensation. Compensation can provide for their lost loved one’s children and spouse. Maximum compensation ensures they’re protected from the financial distress lost future earnings can cause.

Shaked Law Firm provides the four (4) most important steps to take after becoming the victim of a pedestrian accident.

#1: Contact law enforcement after a pedestrian accident

Whether an accident was a hit and run or the negligent party remains on the scene, the most important thing to do is call the police.

Witness statements are an important part of any accident investigation. That’s because any information witnesses provide may help prove the recklessness or negligence of a driver. Sometimes an accident victim may sustain serious injuries, requiring transport to the hospital immediately. This means they cannot speak to police right away. Witnesses present are able to clearly recount the color, make, model, and other specifics about the car and its driver quickly and accurately.

#2: Exchange information after a pedestrian accident

Law enforcement should always be present while the parties exchange information. This provides safety for both parties. Furthermore, when police document an accident, a lawyer can use the information during litigation at a later date. This information can include: phone numbers, addresses, insurance information, and health insurance information. However, exchange of information is not always possible. For instance, if the victim is unconscious, exchange of information can be facilitated at a later date.

Delay in exchange of information can apply if the accident was a hit and run. In this instance, law enforcement gathers as much information as possible from witnesses about the events right before, during, and after the accident.

#3: Seek medical care immediately after an accident

After a pedestrian accident the victim must receive immediate transport to the hospital. Serious injuries such as TBI are not visible, and require treatment at a hospital. Cuts, bruises, and scrapes are superficial, and can receive treatment on the scene. However, all injuries must be documented.

Upon arrival to a hospital doctors will perform a complete range of tests and diagnostic imaging. These include MRI, X-ray, or CT Scan to quickly rule out the most life threatening injuries. In the event a life threatening injury occurs, treatment such as surgery or life sustaining measures are implemented quickly.

#4: Hire a lawyer with Board Certification

The most important thing post accident is recovery on the medical side. It’s important for the victim, or their family, to contact a Board Certified lawyer with hit and run experience. Personal Injury lawyers with Board Certification have more experience with pedestrian accidents. These are the lawyers that recover in the multi millions for those who sustain injuries in hit and run accidents.

In the event of a hit and run in which the liable party flees the scene, it takes a Board Certified lawyer to properly proceed with litigation. When it comes to hit and run accidents,  the process is not the same as it would be if the reckless party stays to exchange information.

The end result of pedestrian accidents

The end result of a pedestrian accident should not be a lifetime of pain and suffering for the victim, though quite often it is. This is why the maximum amount of compensation should be obtained on behalf of the victim. In the event of a pedestrian accident in which a victim sustains serious, lifelong injuries such as herniated disks, TBI, or CRPS, the medical bills and lost wages will add up.

Never settle for less

It’s never acceptable to settle for a lawyer who only wants the client out the door with “any amount” on a check. The compensation check must be the maximum amount allowed by law. Clients should never settle for a firm who will accept any amount on a settlement. Personal Injury lawyers with experience are ready to take their cases all the way to trial, whenever necessary. Board Certified lawyers’ success rates are higher, their successes are in the multi-millions. These lawyers don’t simply settle for “winning” a case.

Lawyers with Board Certification are passionate, have high moral standing, and their ethics exceed that of their peers. These lawyers make up less than 1% of lawyers in the entire country.

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