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Are Florida Car Accidents Preventable? (Yes!)

Are Florida Car Accidents Preventable? (Yes!)

This Shaked Law Firm article answers questions of safety, as well as providing insight to Florida car accident prevention!

Florida car accidents are a too common occurrence. But, the truth is accidents can happen to anyone, anytime. The best thing to do is practice defensive (safe) driving habits, lessening the likelihood of a car accident. In other Shaked Law Firm articles, we discuss car insurance, distracted driving, and recklessness at length. However, it’s important when presenting facts about Florida car accidents, we offer a different perspective into safe driving.

This Shaked Law Firm article answers questions of safety, as well as providing insight to Florida car accident prevention!

How can parents help teens become safer drivers?

No parent looks forward to the day their teenager asks for the keys. Terror sets in, and thoughts of catastrophic car accidents arise. Teen years are some of the most terrifying for parents. With the number of adolescents involved in catastrophic car accidents rising in busy cities like Miami yearly. As technology becomes more portable and easy to take on the go, the risk of distracted, unsafe driving habits increase. Reaching for that new iPhone to answer a text or looking for an AirPod lost under the seat while the car is moving isn’t unheard of these days. Keeping teens safe on the road should be a parents’ priority, should they decide it’s time to hand over the keys.

What are “safe driving habits” for Florida motorists?

Defensive driving doesn’t end with instilling safety habits in teenagers. It’s is something every motorist must focus on, every day. Parents of teens should focus on instilling safe driving habits in their children before they’re ever given their own set of wheels. Safe driving must start early, before distractions or reckless driving can become force of habit. says of preventing distracted driving:

“[…]Always be aware of the traffic ahead, behind, and next to you, and have possible escape routes in mind. Stay at least one car length behind the car in front of you in slower speeds, and maintain a larger buffer zone with faster speeds.”

There is no replacement for years of safe driving experience. These are practices that are part of our daily lives. Teenagers don’t have the wisdom and experience of their parents. However, that’s never an excuse to give up on safe driving. Practice makes perfect, but practice must be under the supervision of a driver with experience.

When parents don’t feel comfortable teaching their teen to drive, Driver’s Education courses provide much of what teens must know. A quick Google search turns up dozens of affordable options for private driving lessons. It’s important that parents recognize whether their teen is ready to drive, and proceed accordingly. Some teens need more time to mature, and some can ace driver’s ed quickly. Knowing this is the very first step to training a safe driver!

What do Florida drivers need to know about preventing catastrophic car accidents?

However, we must fully understand safe driving before ever being on the road ourselves. Whether as teens or adults, there are many reasons that adults choose not to drive, and instead use Uber or Lyft in busy cities such as Miami. However, when choosing to drive, there are things we should all do to stay safe and prevent motor vehicle accidents from occurring.

What are some safe driving tips for Florida drivers?

  • Wearing a seatbelt. No matter how short the drive is, buckling up should be the first thing a driver does. Statistics show that a staggering amount of catastrophic car accidents happen just one block or less from the victim’s home. Furthermore, many of these accidents are fatal because the driver isn’t wearing a seatbelt.
  • Both hands on the wheel. So many drivers take one hand off the wheel to answer the phone, look through their purse, or open a snack wrapper. All of these things can have catastrophic results. It’s important to wait until the car is no longer moving to engage in other activities.
  • Be aware of surroundings. Being observant on the road is another tip that may see obvious, but many drivers fail to remain diligent. Turning around to quiet down the kids in the back seat, or dancing to a song that comes on the radio end up leading to catastrophic car accidents. Missing a turn, failing to signal, or running a red light can also result in fatalities.
  • Don’t do anything except drive! Staying safe, alert, and focusing on the road is for the benefit of the driver and for everyone else on the road. Even when the driver who causes an accident receives no injuries, they must still pay the price for being liable for injuring another.

What happens after a Florida car accident?

Florida car accidents happen due to the sheer number of drivers on our roads. Whether these accidents are due to a reckless driver, or someone choosing to drink and drive. When car accidents happen, what comes next? That’s where a lawyer with Board Certification and car accident case experience comes in. It’s important to schedule a consultation with a lawyer as soon as possible after sustaining injuries in a Florida car accident.

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