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How is Physical Pain Delaying Accident Recovery?

How is Physical Pain Delaying Accident Recovery?

How does chronic, physical pain receive adequate compensation? It starts with a great lawyer! Shaked Law Firm explains the legal side of physical pain.

Physical pain delays accident recovery. This is a fact! Often, though, victims of catastrophic accidents such as car and motorcycle accidents will attempt to deny or hide their pain hoping it might go away or lessen in time. Many credible, honest clients simply do not want to burden family with their pain. Just as many are scared of the insurance company. Insurance companies try to convince victims of accidents they deserve no compensation. This is how they get away with not properly compensating beneficiaries.

A deceitful insurance company is another reason why accident victims must quickly consult a Board Certified lawyer. Attempting to fight the insurance company alone, while in severe physical pain, delays recovery. Victims should never think they have to do this.

Personal Injury lawyers, the credible ones, want clients to know there are people there to fight for them. Every step of the way.

Why should any level of physical pain be a priority?

Next, we’ll explain the pain scale. The pain scale is an important, but arbitrary tool for understanding physical pain.

Often times in the ER, a victim who suffers an accident ranks their pain on a scale of one to ten. This is “The Universal Pain Scale”. The scale is the standard method to triage those who come through the Emergency Room. It provides more efficient treatment, most of the time. There is one inherent flaw with this scale, however: it discredits those with high tolerance to pain. Every person experiences physical pain differently.

A standard scale cannot take into account a patient attempting to hide pain or those with a high tolerance for pain. Sometimes, due to high pain tolerance, broken bones, head trauma invisible to the eye (TBI) or other less visible injuries may be overlooked upon arrival to the ER.

pain measurement scale, line icon with fill color for assessment tool

Why do insurance companies make so many excuses?

The reason insurance companies make so many excuses is simple: money. These companies simply do not want to pay! These are the companies that will do anything to save a dollar. That’s why it’s important to have a Board Certified lawyer who knows the tactics, and can go up against them successfully.

Sometimes an accident leaves a victim in physical pain so severe they become unable to work or participate in life. In these cases, they have rights, namely the right to obtain compensation. Insurance companies will use any reason to deny those suffering from physical pain post accident compensation they rightfully deserve.

Deny, Delay, Don’t Pay tactics can be any of the following:

  • The victim suffers an injury prior to the accident they’re filing a lawsuit for.
  • A victim has an illness that “conveniently” causes the same physical pain they’re experiencing due to their accident.
  • The victim can still work, therefore they must not be in pain. This excuse is one of the most insulting to accident victims due to the fact that a great deal of victims must work to provide for their families, despite their physical pain.
  • Defense hired doctors make false claims about the state of the victim’s physical (and mental) health. These falsehoods only serve to benefit the insurance company.

How does chronic, physical pain receive adequate compensation?

It all starts with a great Personal Injury lawyer! This is a lawyer that has the client’s back. As a result, defense doctors will never accuse a credible client of lying. A great accident lawyer has the experience to step in when necessary during what’s known as the “DME” or Defense Medical Exam. A paper pusher lawyer will send the client in unprepared, and receive little or no compensation. These lawyers allow their client to walk away with meager funds, and the client should quickly find another firm if any red flags arise.

A lawyer with Board Certification always prepares their client. This could be for mediation, a Defense Medical Exam, or trial. In the end, no matter what the case involves, the credible, hardworking Personal Injury lawyers are ready.

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