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What Are Wrongful Death Drowning Accidents?

What Are Wrongful Death Drowning Accidents?

This Shaked Law Firm article intends to provide answers to questions regarding wrongful death drowning accidents.We also provide tips for safe swimming!

Every year in South Florida families fall victim to the tragedy of avoidable drowning accidents. Children unnecessarily lose their lives to drowning due to lack of supervision. Adults in charge may look away for a minute, leaving a child without supervision.

This single minute, or second, becomes the cause of a wrongful death drowning accident. It’s important to educate oneself about the importance of pool supervision and safety. If keeping children and the elderly safe from wrongful death drowning accidents is important, reading this Shaked Law Resource article is a must.

What do families need to know about drowning accidents?

Within this article we provide helpful tips for maintaining a safe swimming environment. We also explain the legal side of what happens after a wrongful death drowning accident. It’s important to fully prepare for any summer activity that takes place in or around a swimming pool. This is especially true when hosting an activity, party, or event at a private residence. The laws surrounding social host liability and accidental drowning are complex. However, knowing how to prevent a drowning accident from occurring in the first place is the priority.

Keeping a watchful eye

An adult on their phone, eating, reading, or having a conversation with another adult does not count as “adult supervision” for minors. The adults in charge focus must be solely on children in and around the pool. This attention must be available for the duration of time outside.

Even momentary distractions lead to wrongful death drowning accidents. Not only do these accidents claim lives, they place liability on the home owner.

Why are swimming pool gates a necessary expense?

The most important aspect of pool safety is properly gating the swimming area. Gates ensure that no minors have access to pool without adult supervision. However, installing a gate on the property doesn’t promise a minor won’t slip away. Children are fast, and can disappear in seconds. These seconds are all it takes for a minor to fall into the swimming pool and drown. It’s important to remind those who live in the home and those visiting, to securely close the gate upon entering and leaving the area. Something as simple as remembering to properly close the gate prevents wrongful death drowning accidents.

Pool gates can be expensive, but they’re absolutely necessary for homes with swimming pools. There is no excuse not to properly install and maintain a gate around any unsafe areas of the home. This not only saves lives, but prevents liability in the event of any accident occurring on the property.

Don’t forget to lock up!

Even more importantly, all swimming pool gates should have a lock. This ensures that even children tall enough to push the gate open cannot access the pool without an adult present. Family members should remind visitors to not only close the gate upon entering and leaving, but lock it as well. Small children quickly learn how to sneak past adults. Once a minor sneaks away, they may be able to push open a gate with ease.

There are several reputable Florida-based companies that offer affordable pool gating services to help families prevent drowning accidents before they occur.

A gate surrounding a swimming pool is invaluable. Let’s look at its safety features, below:

  • Gates prevent children from sneaking past adults and into the pool area. This highly reduces the chance of wrongful death drowning accidents.
  • Swimming pool gating provides peace of mind for homeowners. Knowing property is safe for guests makes hosting parties and events run more smoothly. When understanding social host liability is a priority, everyone stays safe.
  • As a bonus, a swimming pool gate can provide home security as well. Gating keeps potential trespassers out of the pool when the family is at work or on vacation away from home.

Why is there such a high rate of wrongful death drowning accidents in Florida?

In states like Florida where swimming is year round, the rates of wrongful death drowning accidents rise. Minors in Florida are learning “pool rules” as soon as they reach swimming age. However, no child should swim prior to receiving adequate swimming lessons. Even after successful swimming lessons, no child should ever be alone in a pool. Pool supervision is invaluable. Nothing is more important than a parent’s eyes on the children at all times.

How does CPR prevent drowning accidents?

CPR is another thing families must familiarize themselves with. Each member of the family should receive CPR lessons at their individual skill level. Young children should watch as their parents and older siblings take the course. This will prepare them for when it’s their turn. CPR saves lives!

The American Red Cross offers CPR classes at low cost and even free of charge. Families who love the water should never skip CPR lessons.

Parents should establish the following important safety measures with children of every age:
  • How do I quickly contact 911 in the event of an emergency?
  • What is pool-appropriate behavior? Establish “no running!”, “no diving!”, “no pushing others into the water!” while showing children they don’t need to do those things to have fun in the water.
  • Minors should never swim without adult supervision. Even at their own homes.
  • How do I administer CPR? How do I teach children CPR at an age appropriate level?
  • “No adult, no swimming” needs proper enforcement. Reminding children that if there is no adult present, they cannot swim, can save a life.

What happens after a Florida wrongful death drowning accident?

When a wrongful death occurs, families may not understand their rights. It’s important to consult with a Board Certified lawyer after a drowning accident. These are typically the lawyers who have the most experience with cases involving the death of a minor, and the damages available for recovery.

This article’s intention is to provide appropriate answers to questions regarding drowning accidents. The Shaked Law Firm strives to provide an extensive look at a topic the insurance company tries to hide from those seeking damages. An insurance company’s only goal is to keep money in their pockets. This means they’ll doing anything possible, and even immoral, to keep compensation away from families who rightfully deserve compensation post drowning accident.

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