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What Are the Top 5 Reasons for Retaining a Board Certified Lawyer?

What Are the Top 5 Reasons for Retaining a Board Certified Lawyer?

Shaked Law Firm explains the reasons the best thing to do post accident is consult with a Board Certified lawyer!

A Board Certified lawyer means experience, dedication, and ethics. For a Personal Injury lawyer, Board Certification is a mark of excellence. Patients would never trust a doctor lacking Board Certification with their care. The same discretion is necessary in retaining a lawyer. Victims should retain a Board Certified lawyer when it comes to who they trust to seek justice post-accident. The problem is, many potential clients don’t know that lawyers can even be Board Certified.

This lack of publicly available knowledge is unfathomable to the country’s top lawyers. Doctors and dentists receive Board Certification before they can care for a single patient. For those who practice Personal Injury Law this very important distinction is what separates “paper pushers” from the “case winners”. “Case winners” receive large settlements and verdicts regularly. Lack of Board Certification can be what’s standing between clients and the maximum amount of compensation.

Within this article we’ll be our readers’ Law Resource for the Top 5 reasons those injured in accidents should never delay when it comes to retaining a Board Certified lawyer. This article covers the reasons the best thing to do after sustaining injuries in an accident is to sit down with a Board Certified lawyer.

#1: The Insurance Companies Look to Take Advantage of Injured Accident Victims

When it comes to fighting the insurance company, it’s a losing battle if a victim chooses to do so without a Board Certified lawyer. Insurance companies are not in the business of treating accident victims fairly. If the victim tries dealing with the insurance company alone, there is a high chance that they will not receive the fairness they deserve.

On The Law Resource, we consistently discuss the practice known as Deny, Delay, Don’t Pay. The tactic is meant to scare off victims from seeking the compensation. This tactic comes up as soon as an insurance company finds out the victim isn’t utilizing a lawyer. If a beneficiary does retain a lawyer, they may be a “paper pusher”. Trust us, the insurance companies know a “paper pusher” or “adjuster” when they see one. This is not a good thing.

What is a “paper pusher” lawyer?

A “paper pusher” is what we refer to on the Law Resource as a lawyer that takes as many claims as possible just to bolster their “results” when in fact, these “results” are merely obtaining any small amount of compensation on behalf of their clients. The dollar amount doesn’t matter to them, and this is another red flag to find a different firm. For injured clients, money does matter. It’s what restores quality of life medically and mentally.

Clients who end up with a “paper pusher” will often receive nothing. Sometimes they’ll receive paltry sum when they were entitled to maximum compensation. That’s money meant to improve quality of life after an accident. These clients often don’t have the resources to find a better accident lawyer. As always, this writeup, and all of our other publications, intends to assist potential clients seeking top Personal Injury legal representation. Without a Board Certified lawyer, fighting the insurance company will not be a battle easily won, if at all. The case may never resolve in favor of the victim, if it ever resolves at all.

#2: Florida’s Legal System is Not Something Victims Should Navigate Without A Board Certified Lawyer

The second reason an accident victim should never attempt to fight alone after becoming injured is a simple one: Florida’s legal system is complex. Understanding statutes, laws, and what is actually able to go to trial is difficult for lawyers without Board Certification. A Board Certified lawyer has consistently upheld a high level of successful results in all of these areas when it comes to his or her clients. Board Certified lawyers tend to have more knowledge than that of their Personal Injury peers.

Furthermore, only a Board Certified lawyer can go up against an insurance company’s team of dishonest lawyers. From preparing a client for a successful mediation to going all the way to trial, each Personal Injury claim is different. Therefore, each claim cannot be represented the same way every time. Having experience with the type of injuries a client is suffering from is the first step to resolving the case successfully.

#3: The Amount of Paperwork

This next one may not be as obvious as our previous reasons, but it’s worth mentioning. Not only is the legal system complex, it’s made up almost entirely of paperwork. It’s time consuming to sort through the amount of legal documents that require very specific information (“the book of the client’s life”). Insurance companies use the amount of paperwork as another way to take advantage of a victim. Overwhelming amounts of paperwork is purposeful in hopes that they simply give up on the claim.

#4: A Board Certified Lawyer is the Best Representation Post-Accident

Board Certification is a process that begins with young lawyers. Striving to achieve more than getting clients out the door with a check is their goal. Young lawyers must stay hungry through the difficult early years of their career. This is so that one day they may hold the honor of Board Certification when they finally attain the title of Senior Lawyer.

Only 1% of lawyers reach this milestone and become Board Certified lawyers. This highly sought after achievement puts Board Certified lawyers above and beyond their non-Board Certified peers. Attaining double certification is less common, as less than 1% of lawyers can claim this crowning jewel of success. Double Board Certification means not only is the lawyer Board Certified within their home state, but nationally.

#5: A Board Certified Lawyer Has More Experience

A Board Certified lawyer upholds a higher standard of morals, ethical behavior, and trustworthiness. Their success rate comes from client satisfaction, not the number of clients who leave with a small check. Board Certified lawyers obtain multimillion dollar verdicts on behalf of their clients because they see cases through to trial if necessary.

These lawyers are the ones who have the experience to utilize Demonstrative Aids, call in expert witnesses, preserve evidence (this is called Spoliation of Evidence) and file time sensitive motions in an appropriate timeframe. Board Certified lawyers are professional and ethical. Their conduct is also impeccable in the courtroom.

Bonus #6: Contingency in Personal Injury Isn’t “Special”

It’s a fact Personal Injury lawyers work on contingency. That means, the lawyer doesn’t make a dime unless the client receives compensation. Lawyers who advertise “no fee up front” or “free legal representation” are not being honest with potential clients. The field of Personal Injury has a widely accepted stance on contingency. That is, it should not be made part of legal advertisements.

Closing arguments

After an accident in which bodily injuries were sustained, the first thing a victim or their family may consider is legal representation to ascertain whether or not they or their loved one has a case. It should be a Board Certified lawyer who makes this decision based on experience with similar, past cases they’ve seen to verdict.

Helping our readers inform themselves

We’ve established our “Top 5”. Now our readers can better inform themselves of why a Board Certified lawyer is the best choice after an accident with bodily injuries.

Lawyers who make false promises or act aggressively rather than using a level head are red flags to find another law firm! Lawyers should never promise a client a specific outcome. A lawyer who sees hundreds or thousands of cases to verdict successfully won’t have to, because their results speak for themselves.

Remember: it’s lack of experience, false promises and dishonesty that can kill a case.

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