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Is Physical Pain Delaying Recovery Post Accident?

Is Physical Pain Delaying Recovery Post Accident?

This Shaked Law Firm article explains how physical pain that doesn't receive proper medical care can delay a patient's recovery on the medical side.

Physical pain post accident can be severe and permanent without medical intervention. Physical pain that doesn’t receive proper medical care can severely delay a patient’s recovery on the medical side. Permanent physical pain costs a victim their Quality of Life. Furthermore, it can cost financially. When victims are out of work long term, it becomes impossible to pay the bills. Many times, the problem lies in victims attempting to hide physical pain, enduring a job that makes their suffering worse. This, in an attempt to get the bills paid. Insurance companies want victims of accidents to believe there is no compensation available to them.

Why do insurance companies delay paying?

Insurance companies refusing to pay deserving victims is wrong. This delay harms those already enduring pain and suffering. This deceit is another reason why accident victims must quickly retain a lawyer with Board Certification post accident. Attempting to fight the insurance company alone only delays recovery. Victims suffering physical pain post accident are not alone. Personal Injury lawyers are there to assist in these cases.

Post physical pain from an accident, victims have rights. Insurance companies use any reason to deny those suffering physical pain compensation they rightfully deserve. The reason insurance companies make so many excuses is simple: money. The insurance companies just don’t want to pay! Worse, they’ll do anything in an effort to save even a single dollar. In the end, those suffering physical pain must receive compensation, and the insurance company will end up paying. This is only true if a victim retains a law firm with a high level of experience. A Personal Injury law firm with Board Certified partners will have the most experience handling cases in which a client is suffering extreme physical pain.

What is “Deny, Delay, Don’t Pay”?

The excuses made by the insurance companies are known as Deny, Delay, Don’t Pay.

These tactics can be any of the following:

  • A victim is suffering from an injury prior to the accident.
  • The victim has an illness that’s “known” to cause the same physical pain they’re experiencing due to their accident.
  • “The victim still works”, therefore they must not be in pain. This excuse is not only insulting, but unfair. Many times victims suffering physical pain must work to support a family, despite their medical situation.
  • Defense hired doctors receive money to make false claims about the state of the victim’s physical and mental health. These doctors will imply that the above excuses are valid because the insurance company is paying them to do so.

Why should physical pain be priority?

Often times in the ER, a victim who suffers an accident ranks their pain from 1-10. This is “The Universal Pain Scale”. This scale is the standard scale to triage patients based on how much pain they’re experiencing. There is one flaw with this scale, and it’s that it discredits those with high tolerance to pain. Every person experiences physical pain differently. Thus, a standard scale will not take into account a patient attempting to hide pain or who sustains injuries but is unaware of their severity due to shock.

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How does physical pain receive adequate compensation post accident?

A Board Certified lawyer is present to ensure the insurance company will not get away with their infamous Deny, Delay, Don’t Pay. The accident lawyer representing the victim’s pain and suffering has the experience necessary to prevent the common problems that arise when victims attempt to fight the insurance company alone. Lawyers will experience can take a case to trial whenever necessary. They will also fully prepare their client for any “Defense Medical Exam”, and any consultation with a member of the insurance company’s team.

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