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Why is Uninsured Motorist Coverage Important?

Why is Uninsured Motorist Coverage Important?

Why is Uninsured Motorist Coverage Important?

For every safe driver, there is another driver lacking car insurance. In Miami, Florida where few maintain car insurance, it’s problematic. In big cities, people are always trying to get somewhere too quickly. Whether they’re running a red light, texting, or failing to signal, these are all reckless actions that cause serious accidents with injuries.

How is Uninsured Motorist Coverage protecting the safe drivers?

Sometimes the driver at-fault is underinsured and in the worst-case scenario, they take off before law enforcement can help exchange information. This leaves drivers with a totaled vehicle and very little recourse.

To minimize high costs of car accidents, there exists Uninsured Motorist Coverage. Drivers also call this “UIM” coverage. This Shaked Law Resource writeup will help explain what Uninsured Motorist Coverage is, why it’s important, and why all safe Florida drivers need it.

What’s the difference between Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage?

There are two different categories of coverage that protect the safe drivers from paying out of pocket after an accident:

  1. Uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage (also known as “UMBI”): this type of insurance can cover injury-related expenses ranging from lost wages to medical expenses if a driver requires transport to a hospital. This type of insurance protects drivers should the accident become a hit and run.
  2. Uninsured motorist property damage coverage (also known as “UMPD”): this type of insurance covers anything that happens to the car during an accident. This form of insurance does not cover any damage or injuries sustained in a hit and run accident.

When is Uninsured Motorist Coverage necessary?

The short answer is: always. UIM coverage should be obtained as soon as a driver purchases a car.

Now, let’s look at in what situations a driver would actually use it:

  • The driver at-fault is underinsured or completely uninsured. This happens in cities like Miami, where very few drivers obtain car insurance coverage. Some drivers have it, but it’s not sufficient.
  • UIM eliminates the necessity that drivers pay for any accident in which they’re not at-fault.
  • In states with higher rates of drivers without car insurance such as Florida, coverage can often cost more.

How does coverage work?

Next, we’ll investigate how UIM coverage works.

When a driver sustains injuries in a car accident, they must file a claim with the other driver’s insurance. The insurer pays for repairs, or if the car is a total loss, that may be covered depending on the policy. Medical expenses, and any financial losses resulting from an accident may also be covered per the policy guidelines.

However, there are some instances in which the driver at-fault does not have enough coverage. In some cases, as is common in South Florida, the driver may have no insurance at all. It’s estimated that about 1 in 8 drivers are completely uninsured. Without Uninsured Motorist Coverage, drivers end up paying completely out of pocket for everything. If the vehicle is totaled, the driver may have to pay out of pocket to replace it!

Shaked Law Firm values safety of Florida’s drivers

Accident lawyers see too many clients sustain severe injuries in car accidents. Usually, they’re due to a driver lacking insurance, recklessness, or negligence. TBI, Spinal Cord Injuries, and wrongful deaths can be reduced by educating Florida’s drivers about the importance of obtaining adequate car insurance.

Drivers should take their own safety and the safety of other drivers on the road seriously. The safety of pedestrians should be a priority while behind the wheel. The first step to safeguarding against any possible driving or pedestrian accidents is UIM coverage. “I’m a great driver!” is never an excuse to opt out of adequate insurance coverage. Whether a driver is rear ended because another driver is texting, or a brand new car is cut off in traffic, driving is dramatically safer simply by opting to purchase car insurance.

Does Florida require UIM coverage?

Due to the high number of accidents in certain states, sometimes Uninsured Motorist Coverage is a requirement. Despite the fact very few Floridians have car insurance, however, it is not a requirement in our state. Just because it’s not a Florida law, it doesn’t mean drivers should opt out of a UIM policy.

Safe drivers know they need UIM, requirement or not. Having a UIM policy is important to safeguard against accidents that occur due to the recklessness or negligence of another driver. Often when a driver is rear ended while another driver is distracted, whiplash injuries that require medical attention occur. When this happens, the irresponsible driver may get away without providing their information, and that’s where Uninsured Motorist Coverage can save time and money.

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