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December 2019

What Bone Injuries Occur as a Result of Accidents?

Bone injuries are some of the most painful to endure post accident. Whether due to a car accident, motorcycle accident, or workplace mishap, victims may become unable to use a limb for an extended period of time. This can ultimately result in lost wages and job loss. Dealing with bone injuries, breaks, and fractures poses a period of lengthy medical recovery. For victims to be properly compensated for their injuries, it’s important to understand the types of bone injuries that occur as a result of accidents. Certain injuries may require a longer recovery period, thus the victim’s pain and suffering is extended. Important questions This Shaked Law...

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How Do Nursing Homes Prepare for Hurricanes?

Florida's nursing homes must be prepared for Hurricane Season! Why are Florida's nursing homes liable? Floridians as a whole became complacent in the wake of 2017's deadly Hurricane Irma when she struck our state with a vengeance at the last minute. South Florida went without power for days, going into complete shock that this could happen to us. The state of Florida has since recovered, our lives went back to normal, and many neighborhoods benefitted from strengthened and repaired infrastructure following the storm. However, there is still a sense of fear in all of us. Why are Florida's senior citizens being overlooked? For over...

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What is the Florida Statute of Limitations?

In previous articles in the Lawyer 101 series, we explore Florida's laws surrounding various accidents. The newest writeup in Lawyer 101 series details another important topic. This time, it's the Florida Statute of Limitations. It's important to place emphasis on Florida's strict Statute of Limitations. The Law Resource Blog offers readers an in-depth look specifically at this principle as it pertains to Personal Injury law....

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