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July 2019

Why Are Negligent Security Accidents Rising?

Negligent security accidents can be avoided. When we enter a business to shop, or arrive at a property for work, we may not realize the property is under 24-hour surveillance. This discreet security measure isn’t meant for us to see, but we want the assurance that it’s there to protect us. As residents of some of the busiest cities in the United States, Floridians have come to expect that property owners are taking necessary measures to protect those who visit from coming to harm as we work, shop, dine, and relax.

What happens after a negligent security accident?

However, there are times when crime does occur and a person may sustain serious injuries in a shooting, or worse, they could lose their life. Who becomes liable when visitors to a property or business become victims of negligent security accidents? How can business owners make an effort to deter negligent security accidents from occurring? The Shaked Law Resource Blog has the answer!

Motorcycle Accidents Are Preventable With Experience

Motorcycle accidents are preventable with the right experience and riding gear. For first time buyers, one cannot call themselves an expert upon purchase. New riders simply do not have the same experience in road safety and accident prevention as those who have been on the road for many years do. Therefore, it's important to seek advice from those with insight. Those who prefer to use a motorcycle in place of a car most of the time, as well as reputable motorcycle mechanics, salespeople, and through doing research via online forums are the best places to start....

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