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Personal Injury Lawyers’ Top 3 Reasons For Legal Representation After Accident

Personal Injury Lawyers’ Top 3 Reasons For Legal Representation After Accident


There are several good reasons to seek legal representation after becoming injured an accident, that’s why this Shaked Law Blog’s Law Resource writeup will seek to provide our readers with the Top 3, according to experienced Personal Injury lawyers.

After an accident, victims may sustain life threatening injuries. Immediately following an accident, victims may not know what comes next. After being transported to the hospital and medically stabilized, a victim must then begin to explore the legal side of what has occurred. It’s natural to feel a high level of anxiety after a car accident, truck accident, or motorcycle crash. In fact, any kind of accident can bring on high levels of stress and continued mental anguish for victims and their families. PTSD and flashbacks are commonly seen in and pointed out by expert witnesses in the field of mental health at trial.

Sustaining life-threatening, potentially catastrophic injuries, incurring unexpected medical expenses with no way to pay them, and facing an extended period of lost wages if the victim becomes unable to work is not something anyone should be forced to face on on their own. Going up against the insurance company without a lawyer will only result in more harm done to the victim and little to absolutely no compensation paid. Legal representation by an experienced, Board Certified Personal Injury lawyer is a must when damages need to be recovered on behalf of an injured victim.

Reason #1: The Insurance Companies Don’t Play Fair

Insurance companies don’t play fair and never will. When dealing with the insurance company alone, a victim will not be treated with the respect and dignity they deserve after their accident. The truth is, insurance companies use the tactic Deny, Delay, Don’t Pay to scare off victims from realizing they deserve compensation. Without an attorney, dealing with the insurance company will be an endless loop of back and forth that will never be resolved, and ultimately, the victim will give up, saving the insurance companies millions of dollars and allowing them to continue to use this game in the future.

After an insurance claim is denied, delayed, and ultimately not paid by the insurance company a few unacceptable things are bound to happen to the victim if they chose to attempt to fight the insurance company alone: pain and suffering can and does occur, the medical bills become too expensive and will not be paid resulting in financial ruin, and the victim may find themselves out of work with no income coming in to provide for their family.

Doing what’s best for the client, not the insurance company

Without a way to cover not only medical expenses, but other bills while their claim is again and again denied by a company that prioritizes profits over patients, what happens? The idea of a victim remaining injured, in pain, and suffering PTSD or mental anguish for an extended period of time is why Board Certified lawyers have become invaluable to clients who want the best for themselves and their family moving forward following an accident; both on the legal side and the medical side.

Retaining a Board Certified lawyer quickly after an accident can stop the Deny, Delay, Don’t Pay games before they ever have a chance to occur. The insurance company will do their best to attempt to go up against an experienced lawyer with a team of their own attorneys, but ultimately it will be the Personal Injury lawyer with hundreds of successful cases to speak of that will be successful. With the right accident lawyer on their side, the client will be able to obtain the maximum amount of compensation owed to them.

Reason #2: Serious Bodily Injury Requires A Personal Injury Lawyer With Experience

After an accident with bodily injuries it’s important to find an attorney to represent the victim’s case that understands the extent of those injuries. An attorney who is familiar with Traumatic Brain Injury cases but has never litigated one at trial should not be entrusted with a case in which a victim was left with migraines, a concussion, or cognitive difficulties. These are conditions which require a team of not only legal experts, but medical experts to testify on behalf of the victim. A Board Certified lawyer will be able to properly execute the process of Discovery as well as line up the expert witnesses needed for trial, if the case requires one.

An experienced lawyer won’t delay or “push paper”, they will begin the process of Discovery from Day One. During the initial consultation they’ll know what questions to ask, what information is necessary immediately to get the ball rolling on the case, and which expert witnesses (medical, mental health, accident recreation specialists) will be needed to testify on behalf of the client. A great lawyer thinks ahead and knows how to navigate an otherwise complex legal system.

Reason #3: The Victim Was Not At-Fault

Following an accident in which a victim sustains serious, life-threatening injuries, the insurance company may attempt to play a pointless game of “who was at fault?” even when it’s clear the victim was not the one at-fault at the time of the accident. Another tactic in the Deny, Delay, Don’t Pay runaround. An experienced accident lawyer will never be bullied by the insurance company into settling at mediation for less than their client deserves. If necessary, an experience accident lawyer will take the case all the way to trial and go “in the trenches” for the client. What’s more important, is that an experienced and Board Certified lawyer will be able to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, and at trial if necessary, that their client did not cause the accident during which they sustained serious bodily injury.

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As always, the Shaked Law Blog’s Law Resource provides the most factual, up to date articles for our readers to obtain the information they need to make the most informed legal decisions as well as guide them in the right direction when it comes to the Personal Injury representation that’s the right fit for them. Our  extensive collection of hundreds of legal articles are always available on our Blog and in our Law Library for instant download!

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