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2018 In Review: Shaked Law Firm’s Most Important Blog Posts of the Year!

2018 In Review: Shaked Law Firm’s Most Important Blog Posts of the Year!

As 2018 officially comes to a close and we begin 2019 anew, the Shaked Law Firm wants to take the chance to look back on the best of our popular Law Resource Blog posts of the year! While the hardworking team at the Shaked Law Firm made 2018 an outstanding year all around, it was truly our loyal readers who “liked”, shared, subscribed-to, and commented on our articles every day.

So, without further ado, the Law Resource Blog presents our Top 10 legal articles of the year spanning everything from Attorney 101 to Medical Malpractice.

10. Why Your Attorney’s Experience Matters! (March)

In our first look into the importance of retaining experienced legal counsel, we informed our readers of the pitfalls of hiring a lawyer that may not have seen trial, or seeking advice from a lawyer without board certification. Both of these things are usually what stands between clients and the compensation they deserve.

In an excerpt from Why Your Attorney’s Experience Matters, we explained:

“Good vs great: lack of experience could be standing between you and substantial financial compensation for your injury.” 

When you retain an experienced board certified civil trial attorney, they will have vast experience with claims similar to yours, and that’s a good thing!

For one, this means they’ve “been there, done that” and can handle anything throughout the duration of the case: Mediation? They’ve arranged them. Arbitration? They know the drill! The claim goes to trial? They’ve got your back.

For these reasons (and various others, too) your attorney’s experience in personal injury law matters. Knowing you have a board certified civil trial attorney on your legal team means you have someone who not only exceeded the expectations necessary to perform their job successfully, they’ve maintained a level of success and high standards throughout their career, consistently.

9. Graves Amendment: The Little-Known Law Car Renters Overlook (April)

In The Graves Amendment we looked at the little-known law car renters tend to overlook, and the response we received to this article came in the form of dozens of comments and “likes” on various social media outlets. One of our most popular articles to date, Graves Amendment discusses the less talked about law that car renters often overlook, even though they shouldn’t. Before the year 2005, if you were injured by a driver in a rental car, you would more than likely settle your claim utilizing the driver of the rental car’s own car insurance policy.

8. The Legal Side of TBI Parts 1 & 2 (May)

In our article series The Legal Side of TBI we explored the great lengths the top lawyers go to protect their clients rights after they sustain a Traumatic Brain Injury in an accident, or due to medical malpractice. In this 2-part series we looked at the legal process behind a TBI claim as well as the more complex preparation of a TBI case, which could include accident reconstruction and expert witnesses, should the case require a trial.

An excerpt from The Legal Side of TBI Part 1:

An attorney’s protection of their clients’ rights doesn’t extend only to obtaining the compensation they rightfully deserve. Throughout the legal process the attorney must protect their client from the insurance companies’ notorious bully tactics, and from the defendant’s counsel in any number of ways. For a brain injured client, the attorney is there to ensure that their injury will be taken seriously and therefore justly compensated in a court of law.

Traumatic brain injury occurs deep within the brain. That means this type of injury doesn’t always have visible symptoms. It can even be considered an “invisible” injury once the victim has healed from any other injuries they suffer in an accident. Broken bones, cuts and scrapes, and bruising all may disappear with little to no scarring after a period of healing, physical therapy, rest, or a combination of all three.

7. Why Are Herniated Disks A Cause For Concern? (June)

In Why Are Herniated Disks A Cause For Concern? we provided insight into this painful back injury usually sustained frequently in car accidents, with a large percentage also seeming to occur in the workplace as well. Below, we explained the importance of remembering that a herniated disk is not simple “back pain”:

A herniated disk is not just “back pain”. In severe cases, it can be as painful as a spinal cord injury and may require extensive surgery to repair. Usually, with proper medical attention the herniated disk can be treated, and the patient will feel some pain relief. However, the recovery is lengthy, and a large percentage of sufferers never experience total relief of their symptoms.

6. Legalese: What Lawyers Say, And What It Actually Means (July)

Here on the Blog, we put together a go-to list of the most frequently used “legalese”–or the acronyms–that clients hear around a law firm, but may be too shy to inquire about. Within the article (linked above) we also included links to our numerous Law Resource Blog resources with extensive information for each legal term. We provided this in depth information with the hope this helps accident victims and their families better understand what’s going on “behind the scenes” of their claims.

Below is a summary of what we provided our readers with in our Legalese article:

For as long as Personal Injury has been a specialty, there have always been acronyms. From ADW to PPD, it seems attorneys don’t have enough time in the day to get full sentences out anymore. And, unless asked specifically what it means, a lawyer may not have the time to go into detail. Remember: there is a lot more going on behind the scenes with your case than what you see in the hour spent sitting across from your attorney during a consultation. When an attorney agrees to take on a case, the entire Firm takes on the case. That means administrative assistants, paralegals, secretaries, bookkeepers, couriers, and court reporters are all working in tandem for a common goal.

5. A Closer Look At CRPS (August)

Over the course of multiple longform articles here on the Blog, we’ve provided extensive information on Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (“CRPS”). In A Closer Look At CRPS we explained the reality of living with chronic, life-altering CRPS pain and why legal action after CRPS results from Medical Malpractice should never be overlooked in our most detailed post on the topic to date:

A CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) diagnosis can be a relief to many people. Knowing that their pain is real, valid, and lending a name to everything they’ve felt possibly for years is a relief. Despite the relief a CRPS diagnosis may bring emotionally, the mental toll chronic pain takes on the psyche of a patient is immeasurable. Living with a disease dubbed “the suicide disease” due to its lack of symptom relief is an endless nightmare of doctors, treatments, procedures, and tests that all lead down the same road: one of pain and suffering that seems endless.

4. Deny, Delay, Don’t Pay (September)

The insurance industry in the United States boasts one of the largest budgets in the country. Insurance company CEOs and CFOs are paid in the hundreds of millions of dollars per year and the profits seen by these companies average nearly $20-$30 billion per year. That’s a lot of money. In Deny, Delay, Don’t Pay we answered the tough questions that often arise during the fight for compensation with the insurance companies.

These questions were: where is the money going? Who does the money “benefit” if the beneficiary isn’t seeing a dime? We explored this lapse of transparency and made it clear that this is where accident victims get hurt. Insurance companies receive monthly premiums that are meant to bolster the protection provided to accident victims (“beneficiaries”) in the event of an accident or catastrophic injury. Then, when such an occasion strikes, the insurance company is nowhere to be found. This practice is known in the legal world as Deny, Delay, Don’t Pay.

3. 7 Types Of Car Insurance (October)

In this article and followup video, double board certified civil trial lawyer and founder of the Shaked Law Firm Sagi Shaked took readers through the 7 different types of car insurance.

Watch the video below!

2. Three Things Clients Do That Break A Case, And One That Makes It (November)

In Three Things… we provided information on what every potential client needs to know to get a claim off on the right foot alongside their lawyer (hint: it was “be credible!”):

An experienced lawyer will place clients in one of two categories: the liars, and the truthful. The truthful clients will refrain from posting too much (or at all, depending on what the lawyer advises in a particular case) on social media platforms for the duration of their case. It’s easy to spot one of the liars, because they’ll tell the legal team one story, but their Facebook will show another. This is because clients don’t consider who may be looking into their social media accounts during legal proceedings. During a personal injury related case, all eyes are on the victim and his or her injuries.

Sagi Shaked also spoke about the subject of “Credibility” in an episode of Shaked Law Firm Answers… which can be viewed below!

1. Shaked Surgical Series (December)

The Shaked Surgical Series presented our readers with the extensive information they should know if they, or a loved one, sustained bodily injury in an accident resulting in spinal cord trauma, broken vertebrae, or herniated disks that required surgical intervention. This 3-part series went in-depth on everything from spinal cord injury to spinal cord stimulation for severe, chronic pain resulting from accidents and Medical Malpractice. The entire series can be found at the link above!

Happy, healthy New Year!

Since March, the Shaked Law Firm’s Law Resource Blog has posted daily content in an effort to provide the most up to date legal information, safety tips, and news for our readers in the form of blogs, videos, and tweets. We look forward to another year of providing the web’s best legal content, directly from the office of  a highly experienced Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer whose been in the trenches with clients for nearly two decades.

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