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Medical Bills After Accident: The Real Cost of Permanent Injury!

Medical Bills After Accident: The Real Cost of Permanent Injury!

Medical bills for the average person have become costly in recent years. The average healthy American with basic insurance coverage through what was formerly known as the Affordable Care Act pays a high premium to simply stay healthy. Now, imagine the victim of an accident: after any type of accident in which a victim sustains lifelong pain and extensive, chronic injuries which require extended treatments and prescription drugs the monthly premiums, deductibles, and co-pays skyrocket.

While the average American may find the cost of healthcare “too high”, an injured accident victim will find the cost impossible to afford. That’s why it’s important for victims of accidents who sustain serious bodily injury to seek legal advice as quickly as possible. Usually by the time the victim of an accident seeks legal advice, their past medical bills have already piled up to the point he or she is in financial ruin, and future medical bills from long-lasting pain won’t stop, because the pain doesn’t stop.

In this followup article to A Closer Look At Physical Pain After Accident we’ll look at the financial side of becoming injured, which can and does cause as much mental anguish and stressful, physical pain as the accident itself.

The past comes back

When it comes to medical bills for chronic pain, the past is never far away. Victims suffer years, even decades, of chronic joint, back, head, and neck pain after an accident and treatment for it can cost–over a decade–hundreds of thousands of dollars. Past medical bills set the precedent for what the future may cost. When an attorney takes a case in which the victim is suffering from CRPS post-medical malpractice, he or she may already be hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt due to repeated attempts to fight the insurance company unsuccessfully.

Past medical bills–within the statute of limitations–must still be paid by the insurance company. A board certified civil trial lawyer will know the best route to take when presented with a client who has suffered not only physical pain and mental anguish, but the insult and distress of financial ruin due to an accident for which they were not at-fault. Whether the decision is made to settle the case in mediation for an amount that will fairly and justly cover not only past medical expenses incurred due to the accident, but all future expenses necessary for the victim to regain some quality of life.

What does the future hold?

With a diagnosis such as CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) the unfortunate truth is that those who suffer from it will need lifetime medical treatment. These treatments can include but are not limited to:

  • Nerve block injections
  • Opioid prescription pain medications
  • Surgical procedures
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Physical and occupational therapy

So what does this mean for a victim’s financial future? Besides massive debt and mental anguish caused by the stress of attempting to pay off the bills, it also means that the injured victim is entitled to the maximum amount of compensation permitted to be obtained by law during litigation. To ensure this is a reality for accident victims, an experienced attorney must be retained within the statute of limitations for the case.

Should the victim exceed the statute of limitations within the state they reside, there will be nothing even the most experienced attorney can do to obtain the compensation that was rightfully owed to their client. For this reason, it’s important to remember that after seeking the proper medical care for any injuries sustained after an accident, the next important thing that must be done in a timely manner is to retain board certified legal counsel that has tried high dollar cases previously.

It’s always about justice

When it comes down to the reality of chronic pain cases, the client should always come first. There is never a dollar amount that should be placed on a victim who has not only suffered physical pain and will continue to suffer, but is suffering the insult of the mental anguish placed upon them due to the high cost of simply attempting to get better.

To a board certified attorney with the experience to take a chronic pain case such as CRPS all the way to trial if necessary, their sole focus will always be on the client and obtaining not only the maximum amount of compensation on their behalf, but the peace of mind that justice brings.

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