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FIU Bridge Collapse: Liability for Unspeakable Tragedy

FIU Bridge Collapse: Liability for Unspeakable Tragedy

Less than 24-hours after the tragic bridge collapse that claimed six lives, state and federal officials are investigating the behind-the-scenes on the project that Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) was quoted Thursday night per the Washington Post as saying: “It was going to be a significant project … to see it on the ground and underneath it those who died and who were injured is a tragedy.”

A full investigation in the coming days

Federal officials have promised a full investigation into the catastrophe and have acknowledged the necessity of the victims and their families knowing exactly what caused the collapse. The NTSB out of Washington wasted no time Thursday night flying a team out to Miami to immediately begin what is certain be a long and devastating investigation. The NTSB received a report that there were, in fact, construction workers on the bridge at the time of the collapse.

The waiting game for more answers

All the facts are not yet known as the tragedy is in early days, but one thing is clear: the liability for the injuries and fatalities that resulted from the collapse fall squarely upon the construction company, the engineers, and legislators who were more concerned with deadlines than public safety. At this stage, neither the NTSB nor state legislators have commented on whether the bridge underwent a stress test prior to the collapse and it could be “days” before the public receives those answers.

Focus on the victims, families affected

In the meantime, there are critically injured victims being treated at Kendall Regional Hospital and numerous families were forced to say goodbye to a loved one due to what amounts to purely avoidable negligence. This type of tragedy in the legal world is known as “legal liability” and in the case of fatalities, is also considered “wrongful death”.

Difficult decisions, looking ahead

While no family wants to think about a lawsuit amidst the early days of such a tragedy, it’s of utmost importance to obtain legal counsel that can act quickly on your behalf. In the case of critical injuries, compensation can help ease the financial burden of the medical debt that is so often the unfair consequence of an accident of this magnitude.

Retaining counsel as quickly as possible helps to insure that victims and families are treated justly from Day One. Shaked Law Firm is the top personal injury law firm in Florida because we make our clients the priority. Our attorneys have the legal experience and litigation skills necessary to obtain the compensation you deserve as the injured victim or family member of someone who died as a result of the negligence that occurred on March 15, 2018.

Tragedies like the FIU bridge collapse are avoidable when public safety come first, but when negligent builders and lawmakers on a deadline fail in their duty to the people, Shaked Law Firm is on your side.

Shaked Law Firm continues to extend our thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families affected by this tragedy.

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