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FIU Bridge Collapse: Neglectful Builders, Architects to Blame

FIU Bridge Collapse: Neglectful Builders, Architects to Blame

The news channels dubbed it an “engineering feat”; it was supposed to make the campus commute easier and save workers, commuters and pedestrians time. Sweetwater on-campus housing students were expected to utilize the bridge to make their commute easier. Instead, tragedy struck early on March 15, 2018 when FIU’s pedestrian bridge collapsed mere days after installation, trapping helpless victims underneath the rubble. Some of those victims have already been reported to have not survived the collapse.

Tragedy strikes FIU, fatalities reported

950 tons of concrete and metal came crashing to the ground Thursday afternoon seemingly out of nowhere. Now ambulances, police, and fire rescue are on the scene frantically attempting to rescue victims that may still be alive among the wreckage.

The bridge, with its expected completion date of early 2019, is now just a tragic reminder of what can happen when construction companies are careless, and architects fail in their duty to design sound structures. Construction companies have some of the most important jobs; they’re what stands between us and catastrophe. When construction teams with substandard contracting track records are employed to build the structures we use to commute to and from on a daily basis, it leaves the public at large vulnerable and at risk for tragedies such as this one.

Who’s to blame when catastrophe occurs?

It’s important to understand who is liable in a multiple-injury, multiple-fatality situation of this magnitude. While we don’t yet know how many victims have been injured or killed, what we do know from a legal standpoint is who is responsible for the negligence that occurred:

  • Builders
  • Architects; bridges need to be designed safe on paper before a single nail is hammered or any cement is poured
  • The construction companies involved in the day-to-day construction of the bridge
  • Any person from the top down that had a hand in rushing the completion date, overlooking the safety of the structure

The importance of experienced legal counsel

Shaked Law Firm has handled numerous cases involving serious bodily injury and wrongful death. Tragedies such as the sudden FIU bridge collapse were avoidable if proper time and effort had been given to constructing the bridge; instead, more thought went into finishing the “engineering feat” as quickly as possible. That should not have been the case, and multiple fatalities occurred as a result.

If you’ve suffered this catastrophe or any similar catastrophe, Shaked Law Firm is on your side. Our people-first approach to serious injury and wrongful death is what makes us the best at what we do. We know the trauma of suffering severe bodily injury or the death of a loved one is lifelong, and we want to obtain the compensation you deserve.

Shaked Law Firm sincerely extends our deepest condolences to the victims and families of this unimaginable tragedy.

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