Why Does Miami-Dade County Rank So High for Car Accidents?

miami beach car accidents

Although we all depend on our cars to get from Point A to Point B, how you drive is much more important than where you drive. Over the years, numerous studies and surveys have been conducted to determine which cities in the Sunshine State are most dangerous for drivers. Allstate Insurance Company conducts one of the most comprehensive annual reviews of driving statistics. While Miami ranks 9th in the nation, Hialeah ranks an astounding third in the nation. But, why is Miami-Dade County a magnet for accidents?

The statistics are extreme. According to the Allstate study, the average driver will be involved in a car accident in Miami every 7.8 years, which is a 28.2 percent higher than the national average. The statistics are not much better in Broward County. Residents in the 954 have a 27.1 percent better chance of getting into a car accident than the national average. Here are some of the contributing factors:

  • Tourists and out-of-town drivers. Although GPS systems can help drivers navigate more effectively from any location, car accidents in Miami are much more likely to occur due to an abundance of visitors traveling on unfamiliar roads. Even the best GPS systems are not always perfect. Many motorists still get lost and are more likely to make mistakes they would not ordinarily make in their own cities.
  • International visitors. Miami is an international city, with thousands of international visitors traveling to South Florida, many do not use English as their first language. Others do not know English at all. It can often become a problem when reading traffic signs and obeying basic rules of the road.
  • Spring Breakers. South Florida has always been a popular destination for college students during spring break. Unfortunately, the drunk driving rates are much higher among this demographic. When you mix the influence of alcohol along with unfamiliarity of Miami’s roadways, it can be a deadly combination.
  • Heavy Traffic. Like other major cities, such as New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, Miami does not have the infrastructure to meet the demands of its skyrocketing population. It creates heavier traffic, which can lead to a greater amount of car accidents along with higher incidents of road rage.

Why Do You Need a Miami Car Accident Lawyer?

You do not have to look at statistics to know Miami ranks high for car accidents. Keep in mind, the Allstate statistics only apply to the company’s policyholders. Unfortunately, Miami also has many uninsured drivers that are not counted in those same statistics. If you have been involved in a car accident in Miami, it is important to have an experienced car accident attorney that can help you get the maximum settlement to cover your damages, losses along with your pain and suffering. Shaked Law Firm can help you – contact our law offices to schedule a consultation today with our Miami personal injury lawyers!

Posted: June 19, 2017